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10 Characteristic Behaviors of True Empaths

More and more people are starting to realize that they could be empaths. It can be both a blessing and a curse.

But when you learn how to protect yourself, you will be better able to travel the world without feeling regularly destroyed in terms of energy.

Discover 10 characteristic behaviors that mean you are a true empath:



1. The place of life is important.

Empaths tend to feel the pain of the world, whether they want it or not. Many empaths choose to live in areas where there are fewer inhabitants and a lower energy level.

Living in a high activity area can exhaust an empath. Empaths prefer to walk in an isolated place to recharge their batteries.




2. You are particularly sensitive.

This may seem obvious, but it is one of the most characteristic features of empaths. Some empaths may even experience physical symptoms associated with what others are experiencing.

If there is a disturbing scene on the television, you can leave the room if you can not stand to see it.




3. You unmask lies most of the time.

You know immediately when someone is lying to you. You do not know how you know it, but you know it instantly.

They know who to trust and who never to rely on. It’s a breeze for them.




4. Emotional healing is a gift.

Thanks to your infinite compassion and time given to the problems of others, you heal them. It is for this reason that you attract everyone who needs healing.

You should focus this gift on your loved ones because everyone does not deserve to be healed.

Do not minimize if you are an empath. Everyone would like to have a friend like you. Be aware of your value, some want to be friends and others want to profit from it.




5. You ignore your problems.

They very often ignore their problems. They are so busy healing others that they never talk about theirs.

You know how to handle everyone’s problems, but not yours. But there comes a time in your life where all your pent-up emotions end up going out.

You must learn how to handle your problems when they occur, you must not repress them.




6. You absorb the energy of others.

You can not avoid it. This is the main characteristic of an empath. You naturally feel the emotions and energy of others, then you begin to reflect the same emotion.

If a person near you is angry, you can feel that anger burning through your aura.

The good news is that once you realize it’s not the norm, you’ve come halfway to finding a way to handle your extraordinary abilities.




7. Innate intuition.

Empaths have unique skills, they feel things psychically. You know what others feel just by seeing them, and as if they were an extension of yourself. You can chat with someone and guess their intentions.

Your intuition never stops.

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8. Places filled with people negatively affect you

Events, cities, crowded halls or even parties can overwhelm you, it’s a nightmare for empaths.




9. People are exhausting you easily.

This can be very stressful for an empath. When you are in the presence of other people, you are very open and give your energy because you take care of the problems of others, which exhausts you.

The more energy you drain, the more impossible it becomes to be with others. Take a step back and stop distributing your energy as easily. Give your energy only to those who deserve it, like your loved ones. Do not hesitate to take time for yourself and to please yourself. Make yourself a priority.

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10. You attract the injured.

People can approach you in public places because you let them know that you are ready to spend time with strangers and to help them.

It’s a very good thing until you run out of energy. When an empath starts to ignore strangers who have problems, they stop approaching and no longer detect your free energy.

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