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10 Dangerous Myths About Twin Flames You Should be Aware Of

For some reason, many people think a lot about twin flame relationships. They assume that it will fix them and that finding someone to live with is the solution to all of their problems, but it is not.

Far too many of us have allowed the definition of a twin flame to transform into something it is not. Yes, twins exist and they are special, but they are not what you think.

Have you ever noticed that many lessons concerning the twin flame relationship spend most of their time emphasizing the runner/chaser aspect? Is this really all they think? There is so much more to focus on than that.

Below, we will review some of the most common myths regarding twin flames and twin flame relationships. Some of you may disagree with us about some of them, but we think these are myths inherent in our whole being.

If you can come to accept the truth in what we say, you will understand yourself better as well as your potential relationship with your mirrored soul.

10 myths we should all be aware of regarding “twin flame relationships”:



1. Twin flames are always romantic relationships.

This is completely untrue. Twin flames will not manifest in the form of romantic relationships each time they manifest. Sometimes you can both be born at the same time and find that one of you is 20 or 30 years older than the other.

Being in a romantic relationship when your twin flame is only a child is NOT an option. You can still meet and feel connected without having a “romantic” encounter.




2. Twin flame relationships are perfect relationships.

Why do people think that? Twin flame relationships can be and are usually painful and overwhelming. They are not all happy and fun, they are intense and frustrating. Make no mistake, they are worth it, but they are not as “perfect” as some people claim.

For those who might wonder, perfection does not exist in this world.




3. Your twin flame cannot be with anyone except you.

You could find your twin flame and learn that he or she is already married, sometimes we are not made to be together. When it comes to a twin flame relationship, both parties must do everything to make things work.

We are not supposed to wait for the end of time, we will have relationships with other people in many lifetimes.

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4. Your twin flame will find you in every life.

Sometimes, we will incarnate only to never find our twin flame. Sometimes he or she is not even on the same plane of existence as we are.

Don’t be obsessed with it, just because you can’t find your twin flame doesn’t mean there aren’t meaningful relationships for you on this planet.




5. You will feel together when you find your twin flame.

You will not feel like you have found the rest of your being when you found your twin. Sure, you will feel good and there will be an instant connection, but it is not the same kind of feeling that people like to promote.

Make no mistake, it will make you happy but it will not complete you, you can only find it from the inside.




6. Only false twins flames fail/do not work.

Sometimes things don’t work with our current twin flame. Again, if part of the couple is not ready, things will not work.

Sure, fake twins won’t work either, but sometimes things won’t work with our REAL twins.




7. Your twin flame will take away all your problems and pain.

Finding your twin flame will not solve all your problems, I cannot stress it enough. You will always have problems and you will continue to undergo changes. Life does not become perfect just because you have found someone.

Yes, things will become different, but they will not be painless.




8. Twin flames have everything in common.

Sometimes the twin flames have a few things in common, although this is to be expected, but they will not be exactly the same. Usually, they are completely opposite to be completely honest.

Do not spend too much time looking for someone who looks like you, it is not realistic.

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9. Your twin flame will never betray you.

Your twin flame can cheat on you or even break your heart completely. You can never really know what to expect.

Sometimes we are not ready for the twin flame relationship and bad things happen, it is not your fault.




10. You will want to be with your twin flame as soon as you meet it.

Sometimes we meet our twin flame and still don’t look for a relationship with each other for a while.

There is no right or wrong way to get together. You have to go at your own pace.




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