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10 Life Changes You Can’t Avoid on Your Path to Awakening

If you are reading this, then you are well on your way to enlightenment.

Although everyone experiences their own unique and individual pathways, there are many common elements that we all share…

We all start to see the world differently than before. As we begin to seek the truth, we see through the veils of illusion in our society, governments and traditional institutions. The downfalls of consumerism and materialism are becoming blatant and we realize that we have to take responsibility for the life we live, the choice becomes clear.

Awakening often has deep spiritual implications, as we have undeniable experiences of connection to our universal intelligence. Signs, symbols, and synchronicities appear more and more in our lives, changing our course forever. In the process, there are universal changes that we must make on the path of our own growth and evolution.

Here they are:



1. Healing your relationships with friends and family:

It is essential that we come back to our youth and childhood, to do a work of healing and deep cleansing. Many of us experienced great trauma in our youth, and these traumas need our loving attention so that they no longer hold us back to the old patterns of being and interpreting the world.

Most importantly, we must create healthy relationships with our parents and family. We often like to say that everyone does their best with what they have, and no matter who your parents were/are, it applies. Be prepared to start the difficult conversations of healing these old things and to apologize when personal responsibility is necessary.

How can you forgive those past moments and the relationships forged during your education? You’ve created your experiences, so it’s up to you to take ownership of them. They were created for your personal growth spiritually and as a human being on the planet at this time and the more you resist them, the more you push and deny the personal empowerment available to you from the lessons of these experiences.

Crop the past and you can create an unlimited future.




2. Re-locating or travelling outside where you grew up:

It is important that we burst the bubble of our limited experience of the world, and awakening almost always demands that of us.

Where you grew up was perhaps just a little microcosm of the world in general. There are infinitely beautiful places and beautiful people in the world.

Don’t let the small aquarium you live in sculpt the way you see and experience the limitless aquarium of life. Once you have diversified, explore and give yourself permission for new exposure to the world, you will find that you can take root and call home somewhere that best fits your values and desires for your style of life and your career at this point in your life.




3. Giving up unhealthy, toxic and stagnated relationships:

One of the most difficult things I have ever had to do was distance myself from my childhood and from the long-term friends I really loved. It boiled down to one simple fact, I want to work every day to improve myself and I have to make sure I have good people around me who do the same.

Scientifically speaking, you become the five people with whom you spend the majority of your time. It is up to you to be very perceptive, careful and calculated on who you allow these five people to be. If you have friends in your life who seem to be stuck, help and support them, but if they really don’t want to grow up, it may be time to move on…

Having support is everything to reach your goals and you have the opportunity to build healthy relationships every day. Remember that you can stay in touch with your loved ones, but don’t force anyone to change, let them come to them. In the meantime, do what you need to do to take care of yourself.




4. Constantly improving your diet and exercise routine:

Many people think that diet changes are one thing and find what works for them at that time and follow that diet forever. In reality, our plans are designed to evolve and have done so since the dawn of time…

Be open to exploring various healthy diets that really work for you, and be open to new things as technology exponentially improves the world of nutrition. The same goes for exercise! Among YouTube, Instagram and social media, we are evolving our world of nutrition education and fitness at faster speeds of light than ever before.

Constant improvement of yourself is one of the most common principles of awakening and diet and exercise are at the top of this list.

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5. Letting go of clutter, chaos and old things:

The clutter and chaos are not rebellious and it is not sexy. It’s sloppy and a sign of lack of real care and awareness. I know it takes a long time to keep our lives modern and fast, but the more you keep things tight, clean and organized, the better the results you will achieve with your ambitions, I promise.

The old stuff has to go! Physical objects with a high emotional attachment can contain a large part of our emotional energy.

I remember when I told my friend to throw away his old shoes that he hung on because he didn’t know where the money would come from to get a new pair and guess what? He demonstrated a well-paid concert and a new home within a week of taking out those battered shoes! He intuitively knew that the shoes definitely had something to do with it. And I have seen many similar experiences with myself and my clients.

Our staff can be a physical representation of adhering to the past and abandoning old things means that we are opening up to new opportunities, clarity, gifts and miracles of the Universe.




6. Becoming a steady student of life:

As an enlightened individual, it is likely that you have a passion for finding your truth and understanding the deeper nature of life. Learning is an evolutionary process, which means that we have to become more who we are at all times by learning new information, tools and approaches to life.

All suffering comes from resistance to change.

A will to learn is a will to grow. I find it useful to keep a list of the things I am actively learning and to create a strategy for how I will learn these things (keeping a simple notepad and a pen handy is great). I like to plan my learning time in my day, then track my progress. Online courses are great for these kinds of things, and you can learn a lot more.




7. Finding a community to surround yourself with:

The biggest thing people have told me over the years of involvement in this community is that there are not enough spiritual people around them locally, and it is difficult for them to follow their growth because they don’t feel supported.

I believe it is vital that we all come together right now to find other people who share our same interests, goals and values. The easiest way to grow is to grow with others who are on the same path as you and to find that, you have to find your community and develop your own path.

Go out into the world and reach out! You will be amazed at the number of people around you. And if that is really not the case, there are an infinite amount of awakened people in the world, I have experienced them all over the world, in-person and online.




8. Establishing a new relationship with yourself and your life:

No more self-sabotage or self-depreciation! As an enlightened individual, you have to be really loving and kind to yourself.

It means reducing your negative thoughts and emotions towards yourself and others. It also means that you no longer have to fight or beat others for the circumstances in which you find yourself, and then you can take responsibility for your relationship with yourself and your lifestyle.

You can design your internal and external reality as you wish, you just need to give yourself permission and confidence to do it! It takes time and patience. You got that!

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9. Choosing a career in alignment with your heart’s calling:

You can’t do some kind of soul-sucking work, even if it pays well. Settling in with a career that doesn’t really satisfy you isn’t worth it. Why wake up one day with regret when you can wake up with happiness?

Following your heart into your career can be extremely difficult, as it means that you will have to do a lot of illogical things that people around you might not understand. However, if you make sincere decisions, it will always lead you in the right direction.

Hear what your true calling is, and if you don’t know it yet, start trying until you find it. Everyone’s call is constantly evolving and it’s not about finding it, it’s about putting YOU to the beat of what you are supposed to be doing right now. It resonates in your heart and your soul, always speaking to you, undeniably, beware.

A positive career means you work and do your part to make a difference, and if we all do, the world will continually change for the better.




10. Living with your heart:

Open your heart and live with it every day. Love is always the answer. You got that!


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