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10 Things Most Toxic People Have in Common

Whether you are currently dealing with a toxic person or not, there is a good chance that you will do so at some point in your life. This is something that can be a little difficult depending on the actual toxicity of the person.

Dealing with a toxic person can be very exhausting and push you far beyond your limits. When we meet these kinds of people, we must remove them from our lives as soon as possible.

Below is a list of common traits that we have found in most toxic people. This list should help you determine if your relationships with others are toxic.



1. They do not take responsibility for their actions.

A toxic person will never leave the blame on himself. When they do something, the results never belong to them.




2. They have no interest in the things that matter to you.

When something good happens to you, they will always depreciate you. They always want to focus on themselves and their goals.

Nothing you do will ever be good enough, and they refuse to even participate in talking about your interests unless there is something in it for them.




3. They make you prove yourself.

They will make you choose them over your friends and so on. They ask you to cut other aspects of your life to prove your “love” for them. It is extremely unhealthy.




4. They make you defensive.

10 Things Most Toxic People Have in Common

They will change things for you, no matter the subject. If you argue, they will raise your tone, the use of words and anything else they can think of as a way to control the situation.

They want you to be the one defending yourself, not the other way around.

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5. They are not consistent.

They are never the same. Their views and opinions on things change almost daily. It all depends on what they plan to accomplish for that day.




6. They are manipulative.

They only think about themselves and what you can do for them. They will do whatever it takes to make you do what they want you to do.




7. They are not responsible for their feelings.

They project their emotions onto you, if you oppose it, they will defend their point of view to an extreme extent and you will get nowhere.

They are not able to accept responsibility for anything as previously mentioned.




8. They are critical.

10 Things Most Toxic People Have in Common

They will constantly criticize you and everything you do as well as what you don’t do. You can never be good enough in their eyes.




9. They do not apologize.

They see no reason to apologize because nothing is ever their fault. They are still the victim.

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10. They get angry when you challenge them.

If you do something they didn’t want you to do, they will go into a rage. You are their property in a way, and they will try to make you feel that you have ruined everything because you did something that you wanted to do. They will do whatever is necessary to make you feel inferior and will use your “distrust” to accuse you of not caring.


Toxic people are not people who can be repaired. If you help them through one thing, it will only create another problem. They use you and only want you in their life for their gain. They have nothing to offer you. Toxic people leave you emotionally devastated and the time you spend with them is unsatisfactory, to say the least.

Your time and energy should be spent on yourself. Cutting ties with these people is the best option. Sure, normal relationships can be difficult, but when someone forces you to do all the work and controls you, things are no longer normal. Don’t be too willing to give your life, especially to someone who doesn’t deserve it.


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