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12 Dark Truths that Everyone May Encounter on Their Spiritual Journey

When most people think of spirituality, they envision a sweet, happy path filled with sunshine and smiles, and we hate to reveal it to you, but there is much more to it. In fact, it’s much deeper and darker than that.

Often people lose track of their goal of attaining enlightenment, due to the traps they come across. And most people are unable to overcome the obstacles involved.

However, these are mandatory stepping stones that everyone endures, and it is through them that you can reach the end of the road.



1. You fight yourself and have problems starting your journey:

Although you know you want to take the leap, you fear that you will not be able to give up certain parts of yourself that you are afraid to let go of. And then you realize the next one, and let go.




2. You realize that you should accept yourself will all your flaws:

You begin to understand that in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment, you have to see yourself exactly for who you are. You have to see the good, the bad and the ugly.

You have to watch your actions, your faults, and your toxic traits. And for the first time in your life, you do it, and it’s dark.




3. You are traumatized because of loving people who abused you:

No matter what they have done, you learn to let go of the hatred in your heart for people who have mistreated, traumatized or negatively affected your life.

By abandoning them and forgiving them, you learn an important lesson that is necessary for your path.

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4. You start to feel different from others:

When you are around others, you feel like a different species. No matter how much you try to connect with other people, you start to feel like you have nothing in common with anyone.

Because of this, you may start to feel that there is nowhere you belong.




5. You feel let down like you have failed:

You fall into a pit of despair and you feel that nothing meets your expectations. You feel like you are going nowhere and you really plan to go back to your old ways.




6. You begin seeking answers on your own:

For the first time in a very long time, if you ever want to find your own way and go your way. And it’s not a phase, it’s a new way of life for you.




7. You have to dig up parts about yourself that you don’t like:

Although you may not want it, you start to notice parts of yourself that you really don’t want, but you do it and move through it and grow because of it.




8. You start being insensitive at times because you understand it’s necessary:

In the past, you may have been extremely compassionate and forgiven people who did not deserve it and allowed others to be cruel, but when you get closer to enlightenment, it changes.

You learn that sometimes you have to exclude people from your life in order to keep your peace.

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9. You learn you have to heal from the inside out:

The power to heal is already within you and you discover that you have to heal the trauma and the wounds that are hidden deep within your soul.

You discover that when you face these traumas and injuries, understand their existence and deal with them head-on, you can heal.




10. You begin relieving things that left you broken:

Although it can be difficult to manage, you accept that it is a necessary step for your spiritual development and your evolution.

It pushes you through the healing process and helps you remember an important lesson.




11. You stop hiding:

You finally realize that you cannot hide from the pain of your past, and for the first time in your life, you no longer want to. And while it may sound dark to some, it’s actually something you accept.

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12. You surrender:

It comes out of nowhere, and you may not think you are ready, but you have finally let go. You stop fighting and let life happen.

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