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12 Signs From the Universe to Warn You Away From Toxic People.

Everything happens for a reason, but when something goes wrong with us, the Universe is trying to help us escape it. Unfortunately, we don’t always listen to the Universe, so we have to learn lessons in other ways.

The Universe has wise ways to help us throughout this life, and when we pay attention, the path can often be straightforward. If you ignore the Universe’s signs, you could pay the price.

If you think you might be spending too much time with a toxic person, you’ve probably felt or experienced some of these signs.

1. Something always crops up when you try to make plans.

Every time you organise a date to meet this person, something always gets in the way. When you finally get a date in the diary, it feels strained. Almost like there are outside forces that don’t want you to be together.

2. Your close friends and family have a terrible feeling.

When the ones you care about meet them, they tell you they had bad feelings about this person that they couldn’t shake. They can’t put their finger on what exactly, but it’s a feeling they can’t shake.

3. Your gut is warning you.

In the back of your mind, you know something is up. You don’t know why or what caused this, but your gut tells you to get there.

4. Bad things happen.

Bad things always seem to happen when you hang out. For example, you may be hanging out on your way home and witnessing a car accident. Or you’re hanging out at yours, and the photos on your wall randomly fall off.

5. A feeling of temporary.

You have a profound sense that you know this connection isn’t going to last forever. You feel yourself not putting in as much effort compared to others.

6. You have bad dreams.

You have vivid dreams about this person, not necessarily a good ones. Something terrifying happens between you and them. You may have even inherited a loved one visiting you in your dreams and warning you to stay away from them.

7. You don’t quite match.

Something about them is off. They appear too good, but you may notice a small thing that seems incorrect about their personality. You’re worried you may be overthinking, but you know you are right deep down.

8. They make you feel exhausted.

When you are around this person, you feel completely exhausted. There is no particular reason, but it makes me feel drained.

9. You feel like you’re being pulling you apart.

No matter how you try to make the connection work, it will not work the way it should. In many cases, the whole world feels separated from you, but you don’t know why. This is the Universe trying to keep you two apart for a reason.

10. You feel you are a worse version of yourself around them.

Being around them makes you feel like you can’t recognise yourself. You do things and accept what you have never done before, and you feel like you’re losing yourself.

11. You feel that interactions are forced.

When you interact, it feels coerced, and nothing feels natural about it. The two of you have nothing in common, and you can see it when you think about it.

12. Unexplained coincidences continue to occur.

You are always aware of coincidences that make you feel something is up. For instance, you may hear a particular song that always comes on when you’re around this person.

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