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12 Signs Your Best Friend Might Be Your Guardian Angel In Disguise

If our best friends are so close to us, it’s for a good reason. In reality, these may be guardian angels who watch over you.

If you want to know if your best friend is your guardian angel, then pay attention to these 12 signs:


They know everything about you

They may be the only ones who know almost everything about you. They know your strengths and encourage you, they know your weaknesses and help you improve them and they know your fears to comfort you.


They accepted you unconditionally

It is extremely rare that someone accepts you unconditionally, so a best friend is a rare jewel because he accepts everything from you. He is proud of your differences and understands your individuality. He is comforted in his acceptance and is almost angelic about his love for you.


They were there for you when no one else was there

The true work of the guardian angel is to be your ultimate protector, your guide and someone who will take care of you when you go through the darkest phases of your life. Now think of your best friend, he has always been there for you when no one else was there.


They do not judge you

Nobody encourages you more than your best friend to be yourself. When you are in the company of your best friend, you are yourself without any hesitation. You feel safe because you know he will not make any judgment. Just like the guardian angels.


They protect you even if they do not show it

The best friends are probably our greatest protectors. Moreover, they can be protective without being possessive. Sometimes they can even protect you without telling you what they did for you. A protector who does not own us is an angel.

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They are your best advisors

When you are going through a difficult time, you often turn to your best friend. You know he has your best interest at heart, so you ask him for advice. When you ask for help, he acts as the wisest soul, dispensing wisdom in no time. Would not an angel do the same thing?


You have a lot of confidence in them

If you could trust one person, it would probably be your best friend. There is something about him that inspires you. And over time, you begin to realize that this is actually one of the most trusted people in your life. Would you not show the same confidence if your guardian angel came before you?


You have trouble realizing how strong your relationship is

Sometimes you wonder how strong your relationship with your best friend is. You find that your connection is pure, sweet and loving. You may not know how close you became, but now that you are, you know that this bond is eternal, as with the angels.


You have the impression that they were supposed to be part of your life

When you think of your best friend, you have the impression that he was supposed to be part of your life. You feel your friendship as a sign of destiny and you like the ease with which it entered your life. Your friendship was supposed to happen, is not it a blessing?

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They know how to comfort you

Your best friend is probably the one who comforts you the best. The very fact that he knows what annoys you and what makes you happy, and his willingness to take that extra step to make sure everything is fine, make him an angel. And you feel comfortable in his company, even in safety, just like with a guardian angel.


They support you

You can not even count the number of times your best friend has supported you and rescued you when you needed it. From career choices to life advice to waking up at four in the morning, just because you could not sleep. He always came to help you, no matter what problem you had.


They are irreplaceable

Imagine your life without your best friend. It is probably impossible for you to imagine your future without him. And you already know the impact he has had on your life. At this point, you may feel that you would prefer to live your life alone rather than having someone else instead.


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  1. Heather Black

    This was very true when I was sent to help a young man David Williams , i changed and saved his life, his mother in spirit told me about her son 4 years before I actually met him, when i did i told him all about his mother, family relatives and places they had lived, he was a non believer before he met me , he now believes because of the evidence i gave , also psychic at greenwich market southeast London told him I was his guardian angel , he said yeah I call her my angel, she said that’s nice, but no you don’t understand , she has actually been sent from the higher realms to watch over you. His face was a picture . ?

    1. Spirit

      Thank you Heather for sharing this beautiful story 🙂

  2. Brian Crosby

    When you see young children girl’s and boys can they also be your guardian angels I d just through this question out of my head

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