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14 Signs that Discern if You Are Truly Spiritually Guided or You are Just Fooling Yourself

Discernment is important in our spiritual journey. It is the inner voice through which our spirit guides speak to us. Without proper discernment, we will become delusional in our efforts to seek spiritual guidance. Or, in some cases, without proper discernment, we will fall into the trap of becoming psychotic or sociopathic.

Therefore, before concluding that we are being guided spiritually, we must ask ourselves where this guidance comes from. In fact, Hitler believed he was spiritually guided to cleanse his race, so you see how important it is to be sure that we have proper discernment that is truly spiritually guided.

The key to discernment is quite delicate. An enlightened teacher once said that we must be skeptical when someone tells us that they’re too sure when receiving clear guidance. Discernment can be hard work, but we are not left alone to grope in the dark. Certain guides are given to us to make sure that what we receive is true spiritual guidance.

However, these guides only serve as prompts for our intuition and discernment and should not be taken too literally. 14 signs that will help you discern if you are truly being guided spiritually:



1. You feel the taste of freedom:

While discerning, you don’t feel like you’re in a cage where the door opens or closes. It is a kind of freedom that goes beyond comfort and ease.



2. You feel the kindness of the heart:

This kindness is not the kind that makes people happy all the time. Rather, it helps you set boundaries which may seem mean as it involves tough love. As long as your kindness is not cruel or insensitive, you are being guided spiritually.



3. You have a feeling of aliveness:

True spiritual guidance makes you feel vitally alive. It doesn’t make you feel dead inside.

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4. You feel an excitement, a rightness, and lightness of being:

No matter how scary a task might seem to you when you don’t have any fear, the guidance is pure. You may be scared, but when it comes to feelings of lightness, you are on the right track.



5. You feel energetic:

Although spiritual guidance may force you to do a task that requires a lot of energy, you don’t feel exhausted because spiritual guidance only asks you to do things that fuel you with spiritual energy.



6. You feel natural, efficient, peaceful, and graceful:

Spiritual guidance makes you breathe easier. This means that the guidance is real.



7. You feel it makes sense:

14 Signs that Discern if You Are Truly Spiritually Guided 2Sometimes spiritual guidance may ask you to do things that seem crazy, like quitting a job. But when it makes more sense, the guidance is pure.

When you feel that you are being asked to do things that violate your common sense, you should slow down and ask for confirmation or clarification.



8. You might’ve hurt someone for their own good:

You are spiritually guided when you have to awaken a lazy person, who is financially dependent on you, by sending them out of the house.

The act can hurt, but you are simply being guided to help that person rethink and re-evaluate their life so that they can use their suppressed potential. However, if you think the advice creates potential harm to others, you need to double-check yourself.



9. Love is present in your judgments:

Sometimes you are faced with a situation where you ask yourself: What would I love to do? Love can either forgive unforgivable acts or cause you to leave a person. Just make sure your decision is based on this great power in the universe.

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10. Your body feels expansive:

After you receive guidance, ask what your body feels. Look for signs. If it’s giving you a headache or feelings of exhaustion, instead of lightness it might be a sign that you are not actually receiving guidance.

Wait until you feel your heart lights up. You can always ask the invisible force of love for confirmation.



11. You don’t feel control or coercion:

Love neither controls nor coerce. If these feelings are present, listen more deeply. The guidance may not be out of love.



12. You feel it’s aligned to your core values:

No matter how spiritually guided you feel, when it violates your or someone else’s ethics and core values, think again. Real guidance does not harm you or others.



13. You feel stillness:

Despite the turmoil of the world that you find yourself in, true guidance cultivates a response that relaxes your nervous system. It’s not real guidance when it makes you respond out of fear.



14. You can answer what’s true and not true about the situation:

You may find yourself confused when looking for the correct answer. However, you must look for the possibilities of having both. Sometimes the solution can be contained in a paradox.

When you feel like you need to ask someone to help you with the discernment process, you can seek help from therapists, spiritual counselors, and healers. They can help you confirm and bring to light what is already in your heart.

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