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14 Simple Activities You can Do to Develop Your Spiritual Gifts

We all have spiritual gifts, but we may tend to forget them on a daily basis and constantly underutilize them.

Here is a list of resources to strengthen your spiritual capacity so that you can enter your life with more power and grace. In this list you will find simple and quick activities that you can do right now to develop your spiritual gifts:



1. The wisdom of your inner voice.

We too often let the intellect take over our inner voice. Think of the intuition that resides in the body as your physical sensations. If in doubt about the procedure to follow, double-check your bodily sensations, especially on the stomach.

If it is positive, your belly will be relaxed, but if it is negative you will have knots in the belly. You can refer to your intuition with your thinking mind, but often it is your inner voice that is right.




2. The power of your outer voice.

The tension for many of us is growing in the neck and throat, preventing us from using our voice with confidence. Every day, take the time to sing your favorite song, to release the tension in the body.

Try this: inhale with your “V” arms over your head and exhale with a slow, slow “ahhhhhhhhh” by slowly increasing the volume as you go. The universe wants to hear your voice!




3. Deep connected silence.

If you feel lost or confused about a decision, hiking in nature and staying quiet for a few hours will allow the deeper answers to find you. At least once a week, try to walk in the forest to clear your mind.

Challenge yourself to stop along the way and stay still to remain open to your silence.




4. Deep breathing.

When we breathe deeply, we stimulate the nervous system and leave the panic mode “fight, flight”. In our conscious breathing, we reduce stress and anxiety and invite calm.

Try this, for a day, set a timer to turn off every hour. Whenever it sounds, take three breaths and long expirations. Become aware of the calming effect of your breathing.

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5. Your seeing.

Wandering eyes mean that the mind is also wandering. Challenge yourself to stay connected with your view of others. For fun and concentration, try the tree posture while looking at a fixed place for a minute, several times a day.




6. Your support system.

Many of us have the ” lone wolf ” mentality of self-improvement; we think “I have to solve this problem myself”. Imagine the people in your life as your support system for your personal growth.

There are so many people around you waiting to be there for you, to reach out to you. Call them to ask for their support and advice. As a first step, create a list of 12 people with whom you want to get closer and then organize them individual dinners. Try to see a friend at least once a week to maintain and strengthen your openness and connection.




7. You are the support system of your friends.

You are part of someone else’s community, another person’s support system. The best gift we can offer is to listen to a friend and tell him he is not alone.




8. Volunteering.

Try volunteering by distributing the soup kitchen, volunteering at a seniors’ center, at the animal shelter. It will fill your heart with compassion and joy and your time will be well used.

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9. Your happiness.

What do you like to do? Try this: Write five activities that you like to do on a piece of paper and place it on the wall where you will see it every day. When you do things you love, you create more joy and self-esteem and you have more energy to face the world, in happiness!




10. Your aches and pains.

I speak of both physical and emotional pain. These pains help us show more compassion and empathy for ourselves and others. Our pain is simply to say, “I need attention.”

Try this for two minutes: focus your attention on the physical or emotional pain you are currently experiencing and breathe deeply. Let the pain subside with each expiration. These moments of self-care will reverberate in your life, improving your relationships with others.




11. The story of your life.

Aging is an incredible chance. Each year, you get 365 days of data, which allows you to see the trends in your beliefs and behaviors. With this information, you can make wiser choices.

Allow yourself to look at your story with wonder and gratitude, then bring this wisdom into the present moment to enlighten your decisions.




12. Your scenario.

You write the story of your life since your birth. Take a moment to ask yourself, “What did I write that I’m currently playing?”

At that point, you realize that you’re not just an actor in your life, but that you’re also a writer and producer! You can change the story and the meaning you gave it to serve your highest purpose.




13. Your creativity.

When you are in tune with your heart, ideas are not filtered by the fear of being rejected or the attachment to the “good”. Put yourself in situations where you have to think of new ideas. 

Help a friend find a slogan for their business, create random songs while doing the dishes. The goal is not to attach to the result but simply to create. Give way to improvisation, nourish your creative muse.




14. Your alignment.

It is the meta-consciousness combining body, soul and spirit. Are you in alignment? Are things in motion? Your task is to pay attention to your alignment and act to bring back to your place of power, joy, and concentration. If you have any doubt, come back to this list and see what is not activated.


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