You are currently viewing 15 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Attracting Good Karma in Your Life

15 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Attracting Good Karma in Your Life

Sometimes we can go through difficult times and we have a harder time attracting good karma. But luckily, we can increase our chances of attracting it through good discipline and some good deeds.

Below, discover 15 simple ways to attract good karma to your life:



1. Be honest.

Try as much as possible to avoid lies and to be honest with others.



2. Take a walk in nature.

Go out for a walk in the forest or in the park near you. Take your time and sit down. Enjoy the fluidity and movement of everything that coexists.



3. Trust the process.

Trust the process of yoga, life, your creative expression, your individual interpretation, your magic and all the peace that reigns there.



4. Do not take part in arguments.

15 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Attracting Good Karma

Try as often as possible to treat each unstable situation with compassion and patience. Let yourself also be guided by your reason.



5. Get up in a good mood.

Do not wake up in a bad mood. And if it still happens to you, look in the mirror, smile, and remember that waking up every morning is a chance.

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6. Be a benefactor.

Be generous with others, volunteer, be kind to those around you, love your friends and make room in your heart for others. There is a place for everyone.



7. Do not ignore those who need help.

Offer a compassionate hand to those who need it or to those who are going through a hard time.



8. Do not avoid people.

Answer the phone. Open it when someone rings at your door. Do not lower your eyes when talking with someone. Be open to others.



9. Forget the expectations.

15 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Attracting Good Karma

Welcome people with compassion and have no expectation of them because it will never be good for you.



10. Give your clothes to people in need.

Give the clothes you do not wear. How to know which clothes to give? If you have not worn a garment in the past year, you will not wear it this year.



11. Pick up the garbage you find near you.

Pick up the garbage you find each day. Take care of our dear Earth that carries us every day of our existence.

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12. Help a child.

Help a child channel his energy. Do an activity with him, such as painting or drawing, or simply enjoy his company.



13. Learn a quote, a mantra or a poem.

15 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Attracting Good Karma

Recite it to someone who is dear to you, it can also be your pet. Also give sincere attention to your plants, talk to them when you are dealing with them.



14. Offer a moment of well-being to someone you love.

You can give him a hand massage, shoulder massage or hold him tightly in your arms.



15. Be grateful.

Be grateful to others and for all that you have in life. Life itself is an invaluable opportunity for which you should express your gratitude.


We hope these tips will help you attract good karma to your life and help you achieve a happier and more fulfilling life.


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