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16 Signs You Are Connected to a Fake Spiritual Twin

The spiritual twin or twin flame is one of the souls we meet throughout our lives. You can have more related souls, but only one spiritual twin. The spiritual twin is the mirror of your soul. You are at the same spiritual frequency. This means that your relationship is special, but also very difficult. It is not so easy to recognize the true spiritual twin.

Sometimes we can start a relationship with a fake spiritual twin. It happens when we find a person we think is perfectly suited to us, but it actually helps us to recognize and erase the karma that follows us because of our wrong choices and to be ready for the true spiritual twin.

The following 16 characteristics will help you to distinguish between the fake and the true spiritual twins:



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1. True and fake spiritual twins are resembling but not identical:

When you are with your true spiritual twin, you will realize that even your former partner had roughly the same characteristics. It blinded you and prevented you from recognizing the truth.




2. Fake spiritual twins mention past problems:

When you purify karma with your soul mate, you will find that the problems that arise are the result of mistakes, nervousness, fears and worries of the past.

In the relationship with your true spiritual twin, the problems will be related to what will happen in the future and how to achieve your goal during your lifetime.




3. Fake spiritual twins will teach you to help yourself, a real one will teach you to help others:

Fake twins arise in our lives when we need to become aware of ourselves and make some kind of change. Real twins appear when we need to expand our powers and begin to change the lives of the people around us.

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4. When in difficulty, fake spiritual twins’ commitment fades while real spiritual twins’ commitment becomes stronger:

What mainly separates fake twin flames from real ones is their extinguishing. When difficulties and disagreements arise, the true commitment of the twins is revealed. In the end, fake twins will leave because it was too difficult for them.

The true spiritual twin will be ready to go through anything to stay with you.




5. Fake spiritual twins will cause anxiety and nervousness while the real ones make you feel at home:

You will feel special comfort when you are with your true spiritual twin. You will be best friends and you will feel at home whenever you are together, wherever you are.




6. You won’t be sure where the connection with a fake spiritual twin goes while the connection with the real one will be clear:

The connection with the spiritual twin is almost always stormy and filled with constant pauses and calming. However, breaking up with the fake spiritual twin will last longer and be more serious.

When you settle in, it will last very briefly and will not end well.




7. Fake spiritual twins cause strong feelings of doubt while real ones bring you security:

16 Signs You Are Connected to a Fake Spiritual Twin

One of the biggest signs of a fake spiritual twin is the constant uncertainty in the relationship. Although it seems to you that this relationship meets all your criteria, there will always be a voice in your head and a heart that will ask the question: is this true?

This will not happen to the true spiritual twin, at least not to this extent.



8. Fake spiritual twins appear when you need to be awakened, real ones appear when you need to get up:

It is not the same to awaken and get up. Awakening occurs when you start to recognize your inner strength, getting up is the time when you start to use it.

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9. Fake spiritual twins make you wonder if you are destined to be together, real ones will have clear intentions from the start:

The fake spiritual twin will always seem somewhat inaccessible. You will think that you should constantly strive to maintain the relationship.

The connection with the right twin works naturally, without investing much effort.




10. Fake spiritual twins give you fake hope while real ones make an irreplaceable relationship:

Your heart will break when you discover that your fake spiritual twin has the same magical relationship with other people.

Your true spiritual twin has never had such a close relationship with another person and he would be aware of it.




11. Fake spiritual twins are afraid of your success, real ones are inspired by it:

Spiritual false twins are very similar to you and this is probably the main reason why you are attracted. However, when you begin to move forward, your false spiritual twin will make you feel guilty or think he is “losing” something.

The true spiritual twin will not only be happy with you but will also help you succeed.




12. Fake spiritual twins try to change you for the goal of survival, real ones focus on the goal of succeeding:

A fake spiritual twin will mark the beginning of your awakening. It will reveal your old injuries and habits that hinder your success.

Your true spiritual twin will not dwell on your past pain, but it will help you understand what you need to do to have a fulfilling life.

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13. Fake spiritual twins inspire you to awaken while you awaken together with real ones:

The connection with the false spiritual twin will awaken only one of the partners, while the connection with the true spiritual twin will train both partners at the same time.




14. You share the same vision of life with your real spiritual twin:

Your fake spiritual twin will always have a slightly different outlook on life. You don’t have to agree on everything, but at least you have to compromise for each other.




15. You’ll be wondering why the link with the fake twin happened, you’ll be sure in your relationship with the real twin:

When you are with your fake spiritual twin, you will constantly wonder why you are feeling so much pain.

In the relationship with your true spiritual twin, you will understand that disagreements help you to mature and become better partners and better people.




16. Fake spiritual twins make excuses like “It’s not the right time” and “We should be free as long as possible” so they don’t feel obligated towards you:

The connection with the true spiritual twin will be realized despite all the obstacles on the road.

There will be no barriers, time, plans and interests that could distort the real twin flames and convince him that they should not start a relationship with you.



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