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19 Things that Happen After a Person’s Spiritual Awakening

When you experience a spiritual awakening, this is the beginning of a long journey for you. It is a major turning point in your life, a profound change in your consciousness that turns everything upside down.

Realizing your true self produces many changes, mental, physical and spiritual.

Here is the list of things that happen after a person’s spiritual awakening:


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-You try to stay healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle.


-The Earth seems more sacred than before: you want to protect it at all costs.


-Your level of empathy increases.


-Water is life and you feel it literally: you do your best not to spoil it.


-Because of the change in energy, your body needs more water and you are almost always thirsty.


-Alcohol and drugs do not attract you.


-You become more sensitive: you hear more things and see more things.


-Nature attracts you, you spend hours in nature without seeing the time pass.


You want to meet more spiritual people like you, your old companions do not look like you.


-The feelings of self-love increase, which leads to self-acceptance and self-esteem: you become a better version of yourself.


-You feel discomfort and pain as old wounds heal completely.


-The old memories come back to the surface from time to time: all those memories that seemed buried for a long time come back in the form of flashes.


-Curiosity invades your mind, you become more and more curious about everything.


-There are also moods that vary from one extreme to another: you feel angry, jealous, sad, ashamed, guilty, for no apparent reason – sometimes the reason is too deep for you to continue to feel the same thing for several days.


-You want to move towards personal growth in every possible way.


-The dreams are livelier now: they have deep meaning and seem more concentrated.


-You see or notice a sequence of similar numbers over and over, and they have deep meaning.


-Your social circle changes completely, and over time, you create new friendships that are more like you.


-The synchronicities are an integral part of your life.

Once your soul awakes, these changes become part of your life and stop when you reach your destiny, that is, when you reach your higher self.

Being spiritually awake does not change the typical problems of your life.

All that changes is you and your perception. When you are awake spiritually, you see things more clearly. You also know how to overcome the problems of your life.

Spiritual awakening makes you a new and better person. You feel the feelings of others in a much-improved way, you follow your own routine, but there is a spark in your eyes and freshness in your mind.

You do not get bored in life anymore, and you have a way to go that is filled with excitement. This new world occupies you even when you sleep.

This is a very beautiful phase in your life, and if you are still young, then you are lucky because now you can live all the joys of life in their fullness.

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  1. Alice Carroll

    You made a good point that empathy is a very important things that people should learn especially during times when there are a lot of disagreements. Maybe getting an online spiritual healing therapy is a good way for me to deal with my anger issues from time to time. Being more understanding will help me avoid lashing out at my friends in an unreasonable way.

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