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3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Accept Less than They Deserve in a Relationship

Unhealthy and unhappy relationships are, for a multitude of reasons, common in the dating world. Sometimes two people do not get along or the two partners communicate poorly.

However, sometimes one side of the relationship is abusive and that is when a relationship becomes toxic. While an unhappy relationship can be saved, a toxic relationship usually cannot, and at this point, it is best to leave as soon as possible.

Leaving a toxic relationship like this is difficult for most people, but these three signs may be harder to get out of than others. These signs are more related to relationships by nature, and they strive for companionship more than the other nine. Check your Sun and Venus signs to see if that includes you.




Taurus is the most faithful, the most reliable and the most faithful sign of the Zodiac, which allows him to become one of the best romantic partners.

However, they tend to be a little too loyal, which can affect their ability to accurately assess whether they should (or can) leave a relationship.

They can stand up and defend their lover at times when they may not deserve it, and they are particularly susceptible to gas fires and deception.

Solar and Venus Taureans don’t like change. As a sign of the earth, they almost always favor stability and moments of calm rather than turbulence and new environments.

As the sign of the bull, they are very stubborn and are likely to do almost anything to preserve things as they try to avoid instability. Like most of Taurus’ problems, this can be solved by embracing the only constant in the universe: change.




Libra is the sign of partnerships. A Solar or Venus Libra does better in relationships and with partners because it satisfies their natural need for support and balance.

Because leaving a relationship or getting divorced makes Libra unbalanced (one of the worst possible scenarios for this sign), they are ready to go through much worse times than they really should.

Libras are highly independent and competent people outside of relationships, strange as it may seem for the sign so centered around partnership.

Libras bring a whole person to a relationship, but when they get into it, they see themselves as only half, unable to function without the help of the other.

Libra is a sign of a very positive relationship, so these problems are solved by remembering how easy it will be to find a better partner, as well as their independence and competence by themselves.




Pisces, the sign of water, has a ton of qualities that make it more at risk of getting stuck in a toxic relationship. Pisces are natural martyrs, the most devoted people in the zodiac.

They naturally put the needs of others ahead of their own, usually out of trust and love more than for selfish reasons.

Pisces are also prone to withdraw from reality and ignore partner bad behavior, which usually helps to avoid conflict because Pisces hate fighting.

You learn from this error and you come out of it acknowledging that sacrificing helps no one. Pisces are natural role models, and by adopting the kind of self-respect that everyone needs to improve, it helps everyone involved.



Protect your loved ones:

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? Are you one of these signs? Spread this out to help protect your friends and family from toxicity in their lives.


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