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3 Zodiac Signs that Will Have the Best New Moon of November 2019

When a new moon darkens the night sky, it’s the beginning of a new spiritual cycle.

The moon – which governs your subconscious truth – will wash and clean your emotional slate, providing you with the soil you need to plant a new seed. As the light of the moon grows and spreads, the seed does the same thing. Whatever happens, there will always be a new moon to help you start all over again.

Even if everyone will benefit from the hope of this lunation, the new moon of November 2019 will be the best for these signs of the zodiac: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

The new moon of Sagittarius, which will take place on November 26, asks you to give up the details, to put aside your pre-existing judgments and to welcome something out of the ordinary. There is a whole world and countless lives are lived there.

No one has ever said that you have to stay put and stick to what you know. Go out, fill your heart with new experiences and remember that this life is an adventure that never ends.

This lunation will attract a lot of love and abundance into your life. When Venus – the planet of money and love – joins Jupiter, the optimist, you can expect your bank account to fill up as much as your heart.

However, the new moon is also here to help you develop a long-term plan to bring your dreams to life, as Mercury, the sturdy Saturn, Neptune, and the North Knot unite to point you in the right direction. You can accomplish everything you are ready to do.



Aries: Free yourself from this cage and fly far, far away.

Pack your bags, because we do not know where you will end up after this brilliant and powerful lunation.

You are called to free yourself from the daily routine of monotonous life to infuse something exciting and new into your world.

Open your heart and your mind to believe that anything is possible. Review what you choose to put in your hope. Adopt an attitude towards life that is full of love, respect, empathy, and kindness.

You will learn many things by spending time with new people and listening to new opinions.




Leo: Open your eyes to all the colors, music and joy around you.

This lunation asks you to tap into your inner artist.

This should not be difficult, as you are one of the most creative and imaginative signs of the zodiac. Look inside yourself and rediscover the inspiration that you may have repressed with your critical feelings.

Put aside your worries and doubts to give free rein to your creativity. While you’re at it, why not let the romance take over too? Bring in your life poetry, new favorites, fun dates and, most importantly, an infinite amount of self-love.




Sagittarius: You will discover how powerful you really are.

You will have the power to reshape and transform the way you see yourself with this new moon.

You know that you hate when the world tries to tell you who you should be, so why not follow your own heart?

You grow and evolve from what you were in the past, so do not try to slip into old clothes that do not fit you anymore. Adopt the idea that you become someone completely different.

It may sound scary to enter this new identity and force you to leave certain people and situations, but in the end, it is so positive and stimulating.


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