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3 Zodiac Signs Will be Least Affected by the New Moon in Capricorn

The New Year brings all kinds of new beginnings, and the cool lunar cycle that kicks off the January 2021 New Moon is one of the most mystical. This motivating lunation rises on January 12th (or just after midnight on January 13th, if you are in Eastern Time).

Anyone can harness the powerful vibration of this lunar reset, but if you are one of the zodiac signs, the January 2021 New Moon will affect the least, then it will be even easier to ride with the lunar flow. The January New Moon takes place in the pragmatic sign of Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, which gives this lunation a serious and hardworking tone, perfect for launching your New Year’s intentions.

We will be inspired to create concrete plans to achieve our goals and we will feel more focused on financial security and work issues in general so use the mood to your advantage and make career-oriented power moves. Now is the perfect time to start new professional projects or organize your finances.

But remember the energy of the current Capricorn season prioritizes long-term success over overnight shortcuts, so this month’s New Moon inspires us to do the work needed to build a solid foundation for our future. If you’re one of the zodiac signs least affected by the January 2021 New Moon, you’ll have an easy time making the most of this lunation.



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Virgo PurpleThe Capricorn energy of this lunation is surely activating with your pragmatic and hardworking earth sign vibe, Virgo. However, since the New Moon will be in your house of romance and creativity, you should also be prepared to have some fun.

Now is the time to energize your passions, whether it’s a budding romantic relationship, a fun art project, or an exciting new hobby.

The best way to use the New Moon is to have fun and plan how you will bring more joy to your daily endeavors until 2021.

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Sagittarius purpleThe planets go smoothly with you during this lunation, but that doesn’t mean you should be sleeping on the power of this New Moon! There is an influx of lunar energy hitting the money and value sector of your chart, making it a prime time for investing.

Increasing your discipline level by the Capricorn Moon can also help you make a budget that you will actually stick to.

Work on combining practical money advice with a bright mindset, and you’ll come out feeling worth your weight in gold, literally and figuratively.





Pisces purpleYou’re kicking off 2021 on a high note, Pisces, as the New Moon will bring many new beginnings in your house of friendship and community. Find new ways to connect with your crew or start making new connections.

It’s also a great time to start developing your humanitarian side and getting more involved in your community through activism or volunteering.

Use the additional Capricorn-Moon burst of motivation to reach out to local organizations and start finding small ways to make a difference.

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