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4 Life Problems That Mean You Could Be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

We are all different people leading different lives and facing different obstacles, but each of our journeys has one thing in common and its growth. And since growth is almost synonymous with change – and change is never easy – it is almost impossible to have one without the other.

Because you are reading this, I think you’ve already had a taste for growth and change. You felt pain and emotional trauma, but you got over it and recovered, and you came out of a much better person. “Better” means that you are well on your way to becoming who you are meant to be.

If this happens to be a period of difficulty, it probably means that you are leaving behind your old self and the spiritual habits that are no longer useful to you. You awaken to a new self, which does not want to be chained by the old.

Do not fight the winds and do not swim against the tides, let go and let the current carry you away. Here are four sometimes painful indicators of your growth and ascent:



1. You undergo a career change:

Growth is funny since what was good yesterday might not be as good years later. You may have had the same job for ten years, but suddenly you wake up one day and realize that not only does this job you like to start feeling empty, it actually exhausts you.

Career changes can be sudden and unexpected, or planned and executed with tact. The fact remains that something is not aligned and that your transition will either be from your own hand or that of your employer. But don’t get scared. These changes are happening because better things are just ahead of you. As long as you give in to the universe.




2. Your friends start ‘to disappear’:

4 Life Problems That Mean You Could Be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

Friendship is often nourished by common points. You have your friends because you like to talk about the same things, you like to do similar activities, and you just seem to get along on a level that you don’t with others.

But, as you grow in your new self, these things can change. So you have to be prepared to recognize that sometimes friendships end. You may have a new perspective on life and may no longer want to discuss the same things or be part of the same activities.

You will undoubtedly feel the resistance of your friends who could be angry at your new growth. The only thing you can do is be yourself and keep moving in a direction aligned with your vibration. This will attract other friends who are closer to what you are striving to become.

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3. Your society doesn’t welcome your spirituality:

Spirituality in the modern era is filled with stigma. The majority of people on this planet seem to think that spirituality is just a word used to describe hippie flower children who prefer organic food, wear precious stones and keep a dream journal.

Becoming more spiritual and connected to your inner self will make you vulnerable in this sense. The best thing to do when you are confronted with the negativity of your spirituality is to simply forget about it.

It may be uncomfortable to hear people belittle your spirituality at first, but ultimately your understanding of the world helps you recognize that these people are simply living in the dark. Project comfort and confidence in your spirituality and people will realize that they cannot harm you.

4. You become friends with loneliness:

4 Life Problems That Mean You Could Be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

As you become more spiritual and begin to grow in new directions, it becomes increasingly clear that parts of your journey should be taken on their own. If you cannot revel in this loneliness, contact members of the spiritual community. Start going to a yoga class or maybe look for a meditative group.

Get out there and the universe will give back. Eventually, you will find that your loneliness is gone because these new spiritual relationships provide you with what you need.

Another way to avoid feeling lonely is to practice meditation. When you look inside, you start to feel comfortable just by being alone in silence. With meditation, you can be alone, but you will not feel alone.

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