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4 Life Situations in which Your Guardian Angel may Visit You

We all have a guardian angel who stays near us. He also guides us and helps us to distinguish between good or bad.

The physical world and the other realms coexist at the same time and in the same place, so life takes place simultaneously on many levels.

Thus, it is almost impossible for the worlds to remain completely separate. This means that the thin veil allows an interaction between the realms. It is for this reason that we are able to communicate with the higher beings of the astral.

They can be with us in any form; a bird or a pet or just a feeling of comfort and warmth that you feel when you are at home. These are our spiritual guardians. They come to visit us sometimes, to bless us with their kindness and their love.

Never forget that a spiritual guardian wants your good and is there to protect you. One of the major problems is that sometimes when the spiritual guardians visit us, we can not identify them.

Of course, we can not see them, so we have to watch for the signs that prove the presence of an angel. For example, you may feel a movement in the leaves or the movement of the air may bring a distinct scent or maybe you may feel that someone is watching you. In all these situations, your guardian angels are with you and make a small visit.

Here are 4 situations in which your guardian angel can come into contact with you and cover you with his light and blessings:


1. When you have a family reunion:

Guardian angels may be deceased family members. So when your entire family is reunited to celebrate an occasion, the missing people are the family members who have died.

It is then that your guardian angel can come to see you and also enjoy the festivities that take place.



2. When you are alone:

Your guardian angel can visit you when you are alone and you do absolutely nothing. This is because it is the moment when your mind is empty and you can receive its presence.

This is also the moment when your emotional state is clear so that you understand that it is trying to talk to you. That’s why your guardian angel can visit you when you’re alone.



3. During a difficult period of your life:

He often visits you at this time because he wants you to feel loved and cared for. He can also suggest solutions to the problems you encounter.



4. When you sleep:

He can also visit you when you sleep. Have you ever woken up feeling extremely cool or calm? This may be a sign that your guardian angel is near you and has secretly come to visit and take care of you while you sleep.

It can also come in your dream to give you a message or a lesson that could help you solve a problem.


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  1. John Povey

    absolute nonsense your guardian angel is with you 24/7 but will only interact if your life is in danger and it is not your time to go, at all other times and with all other angels they will only interact if specifically asked to by yourself. Please stop confusing people with all encompassing unrelated so called spiritual wisdom.

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