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4 Steps to Follow to Discover Your Personal Power Symbol

We are surrounded by a world full of mysteries. For us, it is therefore essential to have some understanding of the basic signs and symbols in order to discover the true meaning of life.

Below, read how you can discover your personal power symbol:



Step 1:

First, start by relaxing your body and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and relax.

Focus your breathing on inhalation and exhalation. With each inhalation, imagine yourself absorbing positive energy, and at each exhalation, imagine yourself emptying negative energy.

Then imagine yourself in front of a door.




Step 2:

When you feel ready, enter by the door.

The room you just entered is filled with your thoughts, feelings, and images.

Look closely at the place where you are. Observe how the decoration and other small details are.




Step 3:

In the far corner of the room is a box with keys. Take the time you need to open the box.

In this box are the things that are imminent and you may not notice anything at first, but the images can come to you like a dream or inspiration.




Step 4:

Gently, when you feel ready, close the box and move away.

Take several deep breaths and exit the room through the same door.

Then open your eyes, then relax and stretch your body for a few minutes.

Rethink what you saw in the box and try to make a connection with something important in your life.

Draw the symbol a little later on a sheet of paper.




There are also other ways to find this symbol:

  • Tarot cards.
  • Art Gallery.
  • Excursion to the countryside.

Signs and symbols hold an essential place in your life. So be sure to take the time to discover your own symbol of power. Read Also: 10 Spiritual Symbols that You Must Know.

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