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4 Tips to Help You Improve Yourself as a Lightworker

In the world of darkness, the beacon will shine the brightest. Without illusions, we live in a world of darkness. However, this is one more reason to shine our light. We must embody our light with cruel surrender.

We should let it gleam and glitter, and sparkle with a ruthless brilliance. We have to imagine our world as a stormy, dark ocean. We are this lighthouse that will guide the traveling boats. Here are the four ways to become a much better lightworker:



1. Be open and vulnerable:

First of all, we need to be honest and open. It will connect us to everything, and rather than trying to own our truth, we should let it own us. When we are too closed and rigid, our truth will elude us forever.

If we are to find out our truth, we must become more vulnerable. Courage is said to involve invulnerability, while strength implies toughness. Courage does not mean being invulnerable, however, and strength does not mean unshakeable toughness. Our courage will be our light of hope which has the power to transform the victim into a warrior.

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2. Stay strange and weird:

We should be weird, strange, and uncanny. It will make us stronger and it will give us strength. Cultural paradigms have always been platitudes. We should avoid these paradigms with a lot of humor.

We all know that the rules can often be broken, in order to actualize new and even better ones. We should be spiritual gangsters or transcendent delinquents. This world needs us to shine our perfectly imperfect lights. We have to make it shine in all those eyes that seek perfection.




3. Get in touch with your dark side:

First of all, we have to try to get in touch with our dark selves. This will keep us whole. We should not deny our shadow, but rather play and come to terms with it. We must not escape the shadows because we are afraid of being immoral.

Shadow work was actually said to be light work. We must undeceive ourselves when we want to transform the shadow into light, unconsciousness into consciousness, fear into courage, and the victim into a warrior. We need to understand that our inner darkness will be where our light needs to shine the most.




4. Let your creativity flow freely:

We need to be artistic and also proactive with our imaginations. It will set us free. Such creative processes will be the liberation of our soul. If we want to be the lighthouse for others, we must be creative and make our art shine in all artless places in the world.

Each of us is an ordinary human being who has extraordinary experiences. Creative processes are just the means to make this extraordinary come true. Each artistic act represents the act of actualizing that extraordinary.

Such an understanding can simply come from our experience of this creative process. The highest state of creativity is actually exponentially divine, representing the source of every meaning.

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