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4 Zodiac Signs will be Affected the Most by Pluto Retrograde 2020

If we zoom out to the periphery of the solar system, we will eventually reach Pluto and although this celestial body may reside far from the earth, its astrological influence is still very important.

Pluto retrograde 2020 began on April 25 and it will be until October 5, so we are all pushed to have six months of self-reflection on our life.

But of course, this retrograde cycle will affect all signs of the zodiac a little differently.



Pluto is the slowest moving planet in astrology

It spends about 20 years in each sign of the zodiac. For this reason, it is known as one of the “generational planets” and has a strong influence on the collective. With Pluto’s transits, the changes occur at a deep and cataclysmic level. These changes are powerful, so they can affect the structure of the world and society in general, but also affect us on a personal level.

As a planet of transformation, retrograde Pluto can catalyze deep and lasting change – both in our own consciousness and in the world at large. During Pluto’s retrograde, we have the opportunity to delve into everything hiding beneath the surface of our lives and of ourselves. It’s a chance to be able to explore our dark side, discover (and heal) repressed problems, and face our unconscious fears and desires.

This exploration could shake many of us, but there are some signs of the zodiac and ascending that will live better the energy of retrograde flows.

Here are the four signs and ascendants of the zodiac who will be affected the most by Pluto retrograde 2020:





Pluto forms for you a positive trine aspect, which indicates that the changing energy should be pleasant and give you the impression that things are falling into place even if it changes some of your plans along the way.

The change comes slowly with a transit of Pluto, but for you, this change will come in a gentle way.

You may experience a change in your thinking, studying, learning, or travel plans, but not the wrong way. You will develop new interests, life paths, and new ways of thinking about the world. Take advantage of this transformative and beneficial period.





You will redefine the way you apprehend pleasure and leisure during this period, so this Plutonian exploration (and subsequent energy changes) will be more pleasant than painful, thanks to Pluto forming a lucky trine aspect to your Sun.

Pluto retrogrades in your house of children, friends, and love, so you can expect changes in these areas.

These changes should work well for the long term, even if you change your mind about love or friendship. If this is the case, you can still stay friends or on good terms.

It is essential to follow this flow of energy because you can be sure that all the things that will be taken away from you will make room for future happiness.





Pluto is your governing planet, so you are bound to feel this retrograde powerfully, but expect positive changes this time, and not difficult ones.

If a major change occurs in your life, it will not be difficult or unpleasant, since Pluto forms a good aspect with your Sun which generally relates to conversations.

That said, expect transformative experiences to come such as a meeting or working over the next few months, even informal conversations with friends, colleagues, and roommates could provide you with valuable information in an enjoyable and easy dynamic to integrate.





The intense transits of Pluto can be heavy for an introverted spiritual water sign like you, but luckily, as this planet forms an auspicious sextile aspect with the Sun, you will find that the changes occur with gentle series.

You will not be distracted or have any problems with Pluto’s retrograde this year. Although there may be changes in your hopes and wishes, your friends and your group activities, it will not be dramatic, quite the contrary.

Embrace the changes in your relationships or your community, as you will find that everything falls into place for the better.


If your sign was not listed above read: How Pluto Retrograde 2020 will Affect You, According to Your Zodiac Sign.




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