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5 Big Differences Between Spiritual Intimate Life and Normal Intimate Life

And if instead of being an obstacle, intimate relationships were a way to spiritual life?

In religion, we are still taught that intimate relationships and spirituality are opposing forces, that you cannot be virtuous if you have intimate relationships because it is a “sin” or it is “not spiritual “.

Before dogmatic ideologies, intimate relationships had been respected for thousands of years as a sacred expression of the life force of nature and the mystery of creation. Intimate relationships can work as a catalyst for cultivating spiritual well-being.

To lead a spiritual life you must accept and respect your intimacy as much as any part of your nature. Although intimate relationships are linked to something dirty and perverse, the act of copulation can really be something sacred and profound.


There is no shame in that.

When your intimate life with your chosen partner is spiritual, there is no shame. Too often, people feel guilty and ashamed when we talk about intimate life. When it’s spiritual, we understand that not only it’s fun, but also a profound experience.



It is a divine union.

Intimate spiritual life is a divine encounter between two individuals to become one for a while. Our auras intertwine and it’s much more than trying to reach the end as fast as possible. No, the intimate spiritual life is really a divine union between two people.



You are aware of each other.

Connections do not just use another person’s body for your own personal satisfaction. When you have intimate spiritual relationships, it’s hard to know where you end up and when you start. It’s as if you could feel every part of their body as if it were a part of yours.



Your spirits intertwine.

Even when the spiritual intimate relationship is over, your minds are still closely linked to each other. It’s a permanent thing. You take a part of their mind and they take a part of yours. It’s like you’re one.



You feel centered.

It’s almost like a meditation – when the spiritual intimate relationship is over, you feel stronger and more centered.



Intimate spiritual relationships reconnect us with our center.

The energy of intimate relationships is a return to our Source; they reconnect us to the life force. The physical, emotional and mental benefits of a healthy intimate life are well documented and can not be denied. Anyone who tries to make you feel ashamed about intimate relationships is an enemy of your spiritual growth.

We must bring our spiritual life back to our inner life to enjoy a communion of love not only with our partners but also with our very existence. Intimate relationships that do not become spiritual become a distraction and ultimately stagnate your spiritual growth. But when they become an opportunity to return to the source and become a portal of transformation to higher states of consciousness – they have a different purpose.

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