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5 Distinctive Signs that You Have Above Average Empathy

Empaths have the innate ability to perceive and feel the thoughts, desires, and emotions of others. Empaths can also understand the spiritual needs, intentions, and motivations of others.

It is not a trait that one learns, but a natural ability, a gift that can read the emotions of others.

Many empaths who are not yet aware of their gift experience things such as unexplained chronic fatigue and physical pain resulting from external influences. Essentially, empaths carry all accumulated emotions, karma and “assimilated energy” through others.

Empaths tend to openly feel what is outside of them, this can lead them to ignore their own needs and they do not understand what is going on in them.

5 Distinctive signs that you have above average empathy:


1. You know things (without being told).

You look at the outside world with your heart and eyes open and you can connect deeply to others. The more you listen to others, the more powerful your gift becomes.


2. You can absorb the emotions and energy of others unconsciously and feel overwhelmed.

You feel physical and mental fatigue, not related to physical effort. You have detected a tendency that your emotional state changes throughout the day.

Remember to relax in nature and if this is not possible, keep a picture with you, an image that allows you to create a space release: a dense forest, a waterfall… that you will watch when the emotions overwhelm you.


3. You are easily distracted and can do many things at once.

You need to do things that excite you at work, at school or at home. You find that it is practically impossible to do things that you do not like because you simply tend to “turn off”.

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4. The empaths do not need the physical senses (sight, hearing, smell, etc.) to immerse themselves in the emotion and the energies, but feel and internalize their emotions.

The empath will tend to absorb the emotions around him wherever he goes. Also, unpleasant emotions can invade her, as if they were hers.

Care homes, retirement homes or hospitals can go as far as provoking feelings of depression, physical ailments or even fatigue in this type of person. Refocus, return to the present moment by focusing on your breathing.


5. You have a lot of trouble with egocentrics who lack empathy.

It’s stronger than you, you can not stand the narcissists either. People who take themselves for the center of the world, who do not listen with whom there is no exchange, no real relationship in private life or work…

Be selective about the people you want to rub shoulders. You do not have to appreciate everyone, do not force yourself to create friendships if you do not want to.

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