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5 Signs Your Spiritual Guide is Trying to Contact You

The spiritual guides are incorporeal beings who are assigned to us before our birth, that help us evolve and that guide us throughout our lives.

They have the responsibility to help us fulfill the “spiritual contract” that we have signed with ourselves before we embody. Our “higher-self” should help us select these guides, which help us as we live this incarnation.


Who are these Spiritual Guides?

Some guides will stay with you throughout your life, and others will come from time to time to help you in specific moments of your life or in relation to the goals you are trying to achieve. These guides are at different levels of consciousness themselves.

Some may be ascended masters (such as Buddha) and others may be guided spirits who happen to be masters in a given field. They may seem to have masculine or feminine energy, although in reality, they are only energy.

They may be spirits that have had “incarnations” or spirits that have never taken physical form. You may be the only person they guide and they can also be part of a “group of experts”.

They could be dead parents, but it’s less likely. When the time has come for your spiritual guides to help you, they connect to your energy and help guide you to fulfill your life mission.

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How do the Spiritual Guides help us?

Spiritual guides can see what is happening in our lives and when it’s time for them to guide us and/or intervene, they have many ways to do it.


Here are 5 signs that your Spiritual Guide is trying to contact you:


1. Synchronicities.

Guides can arrange synchronicities to alert you to something you need to see or know. Pay attention to these signs when they occur.


2. Emotions and feelings.

Follow your feelings… it’s probably a good idea. Have you ever had that strange feeling that something was going to happen without being able to put your finger on it? This could be a guide that asks you to pay attention.


3. Intuitions.

Guides can send you flashes of intuition that may sound like a voice in your head. “Slow down!” And you realize then that you were almost in a car accident.

Or “He’s cheating on you”. These are thoughts that seem to come from nowhere but contain important information that you need to notice. Many people do not listen to their intuition, but it is a valuable source of information.


4. Sending people into your life.

Your guides sometimes meet with other people’s guides and together they try to create a new encounter. Fortuitous meeting? Probably not.

Maybe you thought about moving out and you meet your old real estate agent friend at the supermarket. If this sounds like a coincidence, consider that this meeting could be scheduled in advance by your guide.

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5. Creating new opportunities for you.

Guides can also encourage you to choose where you want to go or to make something happen to you. For example, you may be late and you can not find your keys. You are frustrated because you have to arrive on time. Suddenly your phone rings and it’s a very important call that you were missing. Who has really lost your keys?

It’s difficult for them because you have free will. They cannot intervene directly. The more you can find their clues, the better. Sometimes you just have to accept a situation that seems frustrating.

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