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5 Ways to Know if You Are Growing Spiritually

It is easy to say that reaching higher consciousness is a journey and not an end in itself. However, we are looking for milestones that assure us that we are on the right track and that we are progressing. The same goes for people who have decided to broaden their consciousness.

Most often, the search for higher consciousness follows cycles of awakening: research, depression/sadness and, finally, breakthrough and then repeating the cycle. Awakening often occurs when something triggers a struggle that ultimately leads to a better understanding of who we are and our purpose.

Happening both in our hearts and in our souls, they allow us to raise our consciousness and adapt to it, bringing us closer to the Source. We emphasize that expanding your awareness is and must remain a lifetime trip, although the main question is: how do you know if you are making progress?

Here are five signs to see if you are growing spiritually:



1. Your ‘self’ has either changed, expanded or has become unrecognizable:

We live in a society where people use labels to identify, categorize and understand each other. And more often than not, we try to move within the constraints of the “self” all the time. However, when you go to the highest peaks of consciousness, you realize that the real “self” has unlimited potential, and becomes one with the constructions of infinity.

You can always grow and become a different and better version of yourself, a “you” who can discover the multiverse in different ways with each new awakening. Look back and if you are fascinated by how much you have grown in recent years while such a small fraction of this “self” has been expressed, then you have grown.




2. You understand the truth behind the One:

Humanity permeates us all. We are all one, and one is all through us. Hence, your true potential is that you can be, and are every person around you. This allows you to understand how your energy, or change thereof, sets a ripple effect that moves across the whole planet, all of humanity and life in general.

This allows you to claim and show your love for people you don’t even know: pure strangers can be loved without hesitation and concern. It also means that you love yourself because that in itself will affect your love for all. Look back and if you started to love yourself and others for that reason, then you have grown.

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3. With hope, you overcome all destructive habits:

5 Ways to Know that You Are Growing Spiritually 2Being unconditionally kind, compassionate, and loving towards yourself is directly related to your understanding of your interconnectedness with life around you.

Look back and if you see a pattern of awakening to your destructive habits whilst working actively and compassionately to overcome them out of love for yourself, then you have grown.




4. You spread positivity to others:

Expanding your spiritual horizons requires becoming grateful to the abundance you have in life as well as the abundance you see that others appreciate in their lives. This supports self-fulfilling prophecies that attract more abundance to you while slowing your ego and negativity towards abundance in the lives of others.

This directly affects the positivity that you bring about. As a result, the problems and obstacles that used to hold you back are resolved and new truths appear before you, while the daily frustrations no longer bother you. Look back and if you attract more positive, loving, kind, humble and caring people, then you have grown.




5. You heal faster now:

Raising to a higher consciousness instills an attitude of forgiveness towards yourself and others. When unconditional compassion becomes an integral part of your being, positivity not only emerges to empower others but also calls on the positivity of others to heal you as well.

As a result, you no longer remain in the grip of your ego, and prayer and meditation become your tools of self-healing. Look back and if you realize that you are able to overcome psychological, emotional, and physical injuries more quickly, while also respecting your mind, spirit, and body, then you have grown.

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