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5 Zodiac Signs Will Be the Most Affected by Mercury Retrograde June 2020

As you may know, Mercury will retrograde very soon. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but the energies around us are developing and many of us are taking it. This retrograde will be very positive and many of us will reap the benefits that we may not have expected.

It is much less agitated than the retrogrades that we tend to see coming from Mercury and as a result, we will all gain a feeling of comfort. This retrograde begins on June 18 and will be under the sign of Cancer. It will be retrograding until July 12 and will remain under the sign of Cancer.

Now, this retrograde means something different for each of us, but we might end up gaining similar benefits. We will find more success overall and maybe even work on emotional things that we would otherwise have a hard time with. The more we let these energies act in our lives, the better.

Below, we will review some of the signs of the zodiac that may end up being more influenced by this event than others. If your sign makes this list, don’t worry too much. These energies will be intense but valid:




For Cancer, this retrograde will bring you a lot of things that you would not have thought of otherwise. It will be a good opportunity for you to think things through and really accept the fact that some of the people you think are important are not as important as you might have thought.

Now may be your chance to watch other people’s intentions rather than focusing on your own intentions.




For Gemini, this retrograde will make your decisions even more difficult. You are going to be at a crossroads with seemingly everything and the more you think things will be clear, the clearer your path will become.

Of course, you are always careful about what you do, but you have to be even more careful about it. Although you have many negative emotions with you, they should not rule your life.

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For Leos, this retrograde will give them the chance to start again. They will see things in a new light and open their minds more than ever.

Maybe now is your chance to let someone else stand in the spotlight for a little while so that you can have a break that you didn’t know you needed.




For Scorpios, this retrograde will make you question many things. You will feel overwhelmed and exhausted all the time.

This makes you want to feed those around you more and can bring out the side of you that is struggling with treatment. Do your best to stay grounded and let things go if they are overwhelming.




For Aquarius, this retrograde will show you a path that you might not have thought of taking before. You will change in different ways and for the better.

I know, it may sound scary, but as you progress, you will quickly realize that you are working towards something that will fulfill your life.

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