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6 Awareness Exercises to Help You with Your Daily Life

Have you ever done awareness exercises? Being aware is the fundamental ability of existence.

Without self-awareness, our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are controlled entirely by unconscious beliefs, mental programs and instincts. When we lack self-awareness we create our suffering by letting attention from the outside influence our judgment, leading to us prejudicing.

However, when we learn to become aware of our primitive and self-destructive beliefs, assumptions, convictions, programs, and choices,  we become more serene, loving, compassionate and “superior”. Not only do you stop suffering but you change frequency by meeting people who are on the same frequencies or on the path of those frequencies.

Our thoughts literally create our reality, which by now is highly known and undeniable and it is precisely for this reason that the following awareness exercises are so important for you to learn and assimilate.

Do you lack self-awareness? If so, you will notice that you can encounter these points:

  • You have difficulty understanding what you are feeling.
  • You have difficulty talking about your feelings and your thoughts with others.
  • You are constantly lost in your thoughts.
  • You are often infuriated or saddened by others.
  • You have low self-esteem.
  • You often share the catastrophes, the bad news.
  • You have a very strict identity.

By putting into practice these self-awareness exercises described in this article every day with commitment, you will slowly and constantly find more joy and fulfillment in your daily life.



1. You’re often away from people doing nothing.

We often fill our days with commitments to escape from fear, hatred and the pain of everyday life. We have the chronic need to “do something” when often the best way to appreciate life is to be with ourselves and enjoy this place.

In order to develop self-awareness, silent solitude is the best place to start. Spending time alone every day gives you the opportunity to reflect on yourself, what you did, what you said, what you feel and what you want to do.

Loneliness re-aligns you with your deepest needs and desires for life and is, therefore, a perfect path of self-awareness.




2. Meditation.

6 Awareness Exercises to Help You with Your Daily Life

There are many different forms of meditation that you can experience such as walking meditation where it is sufficient for you to focus on one of your two feet as you walk:

Feel the touch of the foot that rests, feel the roll, feel the push, pay attention to the terrain. It’s a simple form of meditation that takes you to a highly empowering state, try it, TRY IT!

Another practice that you could experiment with is Qigong.

Whatever type of meditation you choose, it is very important that you learn to slow down your mind and body, because this helps you become more aware of the inner chatter inside you that often goes unnoticed.

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3. Keep 2 daily journals.

Recording all your thoughts in a safe and secure place, a diary helps not only to keep track of your self-growth progress but this practice also helps you to be more authentic with yourself.

You can keep these thoughts transcribed or you can destroy them after time. The important thing is that you use the first diary only for this purpose

You can use the other diary to write 5 extraordinary things that happened to you in the day. You can write anything but the goal is to write 5. You will probably have to force yourself for the first few days but you will see that over time you will be able to find things you did not see before.




4. Ask yourself these 6 questions.

  1. Are they this emotion?
  2. Am I this thought?
  3. Am I this physical sensation?
  4. Is it this circumstance?
  5. Am I this body?
  6. Are they this personality?

I ask you: Are you really all these things? Are you really something that is subject to decay? If you are none of these physical, emotional, mental phenomena, then who are you?

An immortal being? Unlimited? Powerful?

Find out that you are something incredible, nothing else! But not a nothing that is null or depressing, instead, a nothing that is full, vibrant, pure, loving and eternal, a nothing that is paradoxically everything.




5. Tracking of the two things.

6 Awareness Exercises to Help You with Your Daily Life

Point at the world with one hand and point at you with the other hand. Observe what you are pointing in front of you. Examine the shapes, colors, objects, and details. So concentrate on the hand pointing towards you.

What can you see now? A person, an identity?

You certainly realize that the view is completely different: there is nothing but a space of conscience! There is no face, no head, only awareness!

How can you apply this to your life?

When you find yourself in any situation, realize that you are the observer; remember that you are not the head and the body that is subject to growth, change and decay but that you are always present in a space of awareness.

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6. The experiment with closed eyes.

We arrived at the last of the six recommended awareness exercises.

Write and answer these questions:

  • “How big am I?”
  • “What shape am I?”
  • “Do I have borders?”
  • “Is there a place where I stop and the world begins?”
  • “Is there anything that separates me from the world? If yes, what is it?”

Now close your eyes. Give yourself some rest and allow your thoughts to slow down. And ask yourself the same questions:

  • “How big am I?”
  • “What shape am I?”
  • “Do I have borders?”
  • “Is there a place where I stop and the world begins?”
  • “Is there anything that separates me from the world? If yes, what is it?”

As you relax, you will notice that each question cannot be answered in the same way as before. You come to understand that you are without limits and without borders: simply every question cannot be defined.

Isn’t it a surprising discovery?

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