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6 Ways To Prevent Mercury Retrograde From Destroying Your Life

Are you scared of Mercury retrograde? Or do you even know what it really means? No, this is not the zombie apocalypse. No, you are not going to hurt yourself, lose your job, or (worst of all) unexpectedly run out of dry shampoo.

As astrologer Debra Anne Clement explains, Mercury is the planet that governs transportation and communications. Three times a year for three weeks, the planet becomes retrograde, affecting areas of your life like air travel, paperwork, and even texting.

But while people tend to assume that retrograde Mercury is bad news, well, they’re wrong. “It is there to make us more introspective in all areas of our lives,” says Clement. “We are all in such a hurry, so it serves a purpose. Life cannot stop and it should not stop. ”

So what exactly should you do during Mercury in retrograde? Follow these tips:



1. Go to the doctor:

The last time you got a checkup, you probably panicked about something you read on WebMD. Now is a great time to go “just because,” says Clement. Information is difficult to hide when Mercury is in retrograde, so your doctor may discover new perspectives on your health.

Keep in mind, however, that the paperwork tends to be inconclusive during retrograde, you may need to seek a second opinion down the line.



2. Back up every possible thing:

If you’re going on a trip, don’t rely on your GPS for directions or expect to be able to pick up your plane tickets by email. Print everything you need to make sure you get to your destination. Why? Mercury controls both communication and transportation, and when it’s in retrograde, you risk in both these sectors.

Likewise, if you are sending an important mail or package, make sure you get a tracking number so you can find it in case of loss. If you leave someone a voicemail message and they don’t respond in a timely manner, it could have been deleted, so call them back again.




3. Be open-minded:

Use these 6 Methods to Prevent Retrograde Mercury from Destroying Your Life 2Just as the truth is revealed in the doctor’s office, it is also manifested in your personal relationships, explains Clement. Ever wanted to get an idea of how your frenemy really feels about you? Have a heart to heart. Their true colors will shine.

It is also the perfect time to seek a new career. You will have better access to job information, whether it is how you stack up against other candidates or what you need to take the next step.

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4. Be flexible:

Time management is particularly important during Mercury in retrograde. There could be train delays, construction detours, car problems, or any other unforeseen circumstance that could have an impact on your trips. Being mentally prepared for any last-minute changes (breath deeply!) will make it so much easier to survive the disturbing energy.

On the positive side, think of any incident as a disguised blessing: “From a spiritual point of view, you may not be supposed to be on that plane. I’m not saying it’s going to crash, but maybe in the next [plane] you will meet someone,” says Clement.




5. Do not commit to anything:

Postpone any commitment like a relationship, a job offer, or even a new workout routine. There may be communication problems throwing a wrench in the negotiation department, or your plans may be delayed.

As a former practicing lawyer, Clement had to sign many contracts in retrograde. “Some went well, and some were from hell,” she says. “It always gets resolved. Even if something is delayed, it works. ” Instead of lazily waiting for retrograde to pass, take this opportunity to research or review the equipment and conditions of contracts. Reestablish your priorities, says Clement.




6. Try to fix past mistakes:

You may notice a peak in your focus and attention to detail as Mercury controls the mind. Use this to your advantage by modifying or correcting errors, whether it’s something you wrote or said out loud, says Clement.

The heavens forgive during the retrograde, in that it is an opportune time to repair your wrongs.

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