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7 Spiritual Messages That Indicate Your Life is About to Change for Better

Sometimes it happens to feel strange as if everything was going to fall apart, but do not worry, these feelings are just the sign that something big is going to happen.

These are in fact the signs that the Universe sends us, so that we can come to understand that a great change in our life is about to come.

Several things can happen in this life.

It may happen that we feel the ground beneath our feet, as if we were about to sink, yet this can simply mean one thing: the beginning of something bigger.

Behind all the chaos that we live there is always a reason. Sometimes we have to do and deal with things in order to learn lessons and grow.

If you ever happen to feel in the midst of a disaster or feel even just simply stuck in a difficult situation, maybe you could be on the right track to change and live worthily.

Below we bring you some of the signs that we need to be able to grasp, because it is through these, that the Universe wants us to know that this change is coming.


7 Spiritual Signs That Indicate Your Life is About to Change for Better



1- You feel pretty lost

You feel as if you were not worthy of existing.  As if you did not know where to go, yet you feel you have to do something.

You feel blocked as if you were in a dead end street and all of these conditions your existence.



2- You want to escape from your “comfort zone”

You feel almost threatened by your own routine: having to do what you do usually no longer satisfies you.  You almost start to question everything, even that “comfort” zone where you feel safe.

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3- You are tired of surviving this way

You are no longer satisfied with the turn that your life has taken and you want more, you want to see and do more, as you feel you are living a life that is not what you really deserve.



4- The things you are experiencing seem to you to be literally unbearable

It seems difficult, almost impossible, to be able to face the various tests that life is placing on you. Your enthusiasm does not seem to make you any more company and all this does not amuse you at all.

You do not even know where you are headed, but you know you can not stand what is happening to you.

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5- There are new “opportunities” for yourself

Begin to come to your life proposals that had never before presented. New opportunities that seem to attract your attention.



6. Become anxious often

Feel that you have reached the limit now. Nothing seems to be more beautiful and interesting.  Your life now seems to have become a real conflict.



7. Feel that a change is coming

Feel from the bottom of your heart that this change is coming true.

Maybe you’re not entirely aware of what’s going to happen. But you know and feel very well that it’s happening.

And the universe seems to suggest it “so clearly”.

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  1. Shelly Simpson

    Thank you ?? my husband Brian of 28 years passed away of a heart attack on a Friday night while we were driving to our pizza restaurant we liked. Just 1/4 mile from our driveway. On November 8th 2019. We have a auto Body shop for 28 years that we built up to be a great shop in St Joe Mi. I have been trying to keep it all going.., plus I miss my Brian every second!!’ I have had 6 different body shops tell me they are interested in buying and I go through all those steps for each one to end up with still no sale. I’m completely LOST!!’ Not knowing which way to turn because he is not here!!! I cry every day!!’ With grief with being mad with not having any right to anything I feel this is all my karma! I’m not really one to hurt anyone so not sure what or why . I losses my father 1/1/18 and my mom 4 years before that. I’m a twin girl to a brother twin and an older brother and Brian and I have a son Matt 23. So still feel lost! Please help!????????????????

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