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8 Ways to Raise Your Home & Workplace’s Vibration

Positive vibrations are not just for people. Our environments also have a specific vibrational energy. Because we absorb energy from our environment, you can increase your vibrations by working to increase the vibrations in your environment.

Better vibrations in your work or living space will help you feel happier, healthier and more prosperous.

Here are some quick tips to amplify the positive vibrations in your environment. Taking a little time to improve the vibrations of your space will help you easily increase your vibrations and those of those who live and work with you!



1. Set an intention:

Because the intention is very powerful, setting the intention for better vibrations in your home or workplace is a simple, effective and fast method. Simply enter a state of meditation, then imagine your space filled with love and white light.

It is a good idea to set your intention to create positive vibrations in your space at least a few times a year because, over time, the house or workspace can absorb negative energy from people and events that take place inside.




2. Burn sage:

Burning sage in your home or office is also a great way to expel negative energy, although it does take a little longer. Open all windows and doors in your space. Say a quick prayer or set an intention for energy in your home or office. Light the sage until smoke is formed.

Keep a bowl of sand with you to collect the ashes. Then, starting at your front door, move around your house counterclockwise, making sure sage smoke filters through every corner, window, and door.

Please note that the hot ashes of sage may fall on your carpet or furniture. You may want to start by learning how to control the burn in a safe environment (such as outdoors) and cover your furniture to avoid damage.

As with defining an intention, it is a good idea to save several times a year to regularly eliminate any clutter of negative energy that has been absorbed since the last sage.




3. Geodes and crystals:

Geodes and crystals are wonderful for adding better vibrations at home or at work. Precious stones and crystals are well known to radiate and/or absorb specific energy vibrations.

For example, you can use rose quartz to radiate love, citrine to bring wealth and abundance, or amethyst to purify negative energy.

Make sure to clean and charge your crystals regularly before using them in your space as gemstones and crystals often absorb negative energy from their surroundings over time. To do this, simply run the crystals under running water for several minutes or place them under the full moon.

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4. Using colors:

Rich, saturated colors add warmth and love to your home and workspace. Deep reds can be particularly pleasant in meeting areas of your home or office.

White can bring a lot of positive energy into the house, while black can absorb negative energy. Make sure you don’t use too many whites (this can be too stimulating), and if you have the color black in your house, just make sure to compensate for it with lots of bright colors.




5. Sunlight:

Sunlight provides a lot of high natural vibrational energy. For better vibrations, open a few windows (if you can).




6. Using comfortable beddings, blankets, couches, and chairs:

Spaces that offer comfort have better vibrations than those that don’t. Make sure the seating and resting areas in your space are comfortable and inviting, rather than hard and sterile.




7. Using lovely fragrances:

Burn candles or incense to enhance the positive feeling in your home or workplace, especially at meetings. Bad smells are off-putting, so pay attention to the scent of your space.




8. Feng Shui:

Feng Shui, which is a Chinese system of spatial arrangement used to improve the “qi” (or flow of vital energy) of a space. However, there are many more things you can do in order to add better vibrations with Feng Shui.

Some quick feng shui advantages include eliminating clutter, lighting your home with bright, high-powered light bulbs, and placing nice items in focal points and as centerpieces.

At the end of the day, it can be relatively easy to improve the positive vibes in your work or family space. With a little effort, you can rearrange your space to add more positive energy, which will make you (and anyone else who visits your space) brighter, happier, and more comfortable.

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So how are the energies in your home and your workplace? Do you have any other advice to improve the energy of our environment? Comment below and share!



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