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9 Types of Spirit Guides We Will Come Across Throughout Our Lives

We all have spiritual guides, most of us have many, but there is one in particular who spends the most time working with us. For each of us, this kind of spiritual guide could be different.

Whether you believe these spiritual guides or not, they are behind the scenes of your life. Spiritual guides are something a lot of people talk about, but few really care to break things down. These entities push us to do better and to be better every day.

You will find below a list of the different spiritual guides, while there may be others, these are the main ones. Everyone comes to us for a reason and stays only as long as necessary. In your opinion, which spiritual guide (s) influence you most currently?

The 9 main types of spiritual guides:



1. Angels:

They are essentially all types of angels and for some, they come in different forms, but they are nevertheless all angels. They are guardian angels, archangels and everything in between.

They are the purest form and have never been embodied on this planet. They are sent to watch over us and we can call on their powers when we really need them. They make themselves known through synchronicities.

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2. Ancestors:

These are the spirits of people who have lived several generations before you. Although they are related to you, they have never met you.

They are hundreds of years old, but they still care as if they knew you. They watch over you and push you towards the right path in life.




3. Spirit helpers:

These are the ones that make the most difference on a small scale. They are there when we feel depressed.

They do little things to remind us that we are not alone. While these are the guides that go unnoticed the most, they are the ones we tend to see the most.




4. Passed loved ones:

When a loved one passes away, they don’t just abandon you. You will notice them sometimes and other times they will be watching from a distance.

They can show up when you need them or when you think of them just to let you know they are watching over you.

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5. Spirit/totem animals:

These often come to us in our dreams. They tend to warn us of things to come and have great roots in Native American tradition.

Animals are much wiser than we think. They can tell us things that we need to know if we listen carefully enough.

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6. Elementals:

They are fairies, dragons, mermaids, elves and all that is mythical. Although most people don’t believe they exist, we know they do on some level.

They may not be stereotypical, but they surround us even if we cannot see them. If you are guided by an elemental you’ll know it, trust me.




7. Light beings:

These are sent to us to help us through situations like the death of loved ones, grief, heartbreak and moments of extreme fear. They keep us grounded and allow us to find our happy place in times of despair.

They tend to appear in the form of bright or “light” figures. This is why they are called light beings.




8. Gods/goddesses:

Each zodiac sign is associated with several specific gods and goddesses. They help us throughout our lives and give us their powers on a certain level. A quick Google search will help you see what is associated with your sign and what it means to you.

Often this can explain a lot about your traits in general. We can learn a lot from our signs.

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9. Ascended masters:

They are the ones who have reincarnated their fair share of times. They know what it’s like to live on this planet and how difficult it can be. These are real masters who have been chosen to guide those who are still working towards ascension.

They are among those who make us go through the worst things possible.


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