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Ask Yourself These 7 Questions to Get to Know Your Authentic True Self Better

Sometimes life can be daunting, so daunting that the identity crisis at times will be perfectly normal. Plus, while we may feel completely trapped right now, we’re not. There’s always a way out of it all. In fact, the first thing to do would be to recognize this crisis and move forward in the right direction.

If in recent times we have encountered several life changes that made us feel a little out of place, then we are probably in the midst of the identity crisis. But, in addition, simple reasons, as well as certain passage rites in life, will present the questions of the purpose in front of us.

To continue, we must ask ourselves the following questions:



1. What do I want?

While understanding what we want seems easy, when we really think about it, we have to think for a longer period, and better, just before we can appropriately convey what we aspire to in our lives.



2. What do I need?

Although our desires are only one thing, there are times when what we really need will be totally opposite. How do our needs and wants conflict in our lives?



3. What could I do without?

In fact, letting go of certain people, things and places is necessary for our lives. Getting rid of toxicity in our lives will be hard, to begin with, but once we see the end result, we’ll understand why we need it.

Sometimes spending time with toxic individuals or spending time in a toxic environment will drastically affect our quality and way of living.

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4. What am I good at?

What talents or traits do we have? What are the things that we have really enjoyed in our lifetimes or how do our talents and traits intersect?



5. Which way should I take?

Regardless of whether this particular question is about our body, mind, spirit, or not, we inherently know our options. To continue onto a much better ground, what steps do we need to take?



6. What are the past experiences from which I can learn and improve?

We should reflect on our past choices and encounters, and ask ourselves what we can learn from all of it. After that, we should apply the lessons we learned to our present life.



7. Who am I really?

We have to write down everything on our hearts: our dislikes, our likes, and our driving emotions. Often, we’ll start to find recurring themes or things that have worked as our compass. We have to change all that is bad and create new and good things.

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