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Choose a Planetary Symbol and Receive a Message from Your Spiritual Guide

A spiritual guide is a being of light specially chosen to guide us, to help us overcome the difficulties of life, to stay on the right path, to foster knowledge and awareness.

The test we offer will help you discover the message that your spiritual guide has for you. Look at the proposed image for a few moments and choose the planetary symbol you prefer or feel attracted to.

Then read the profile corresponding to your choice.



Symbol 1: Jupiter

Jupiter represents the deepest thinkers.

This planet governs higher learning, encourages us and motivates us to explore new worlds, to have new ideas, both intellectually and spiritually.

Your spiritual guide invites you to reduce impulsive attitudes and advises you to wait and get more information before acting.

However, this is not one of those times when caution is necessary. It’s time to be active. Take action, make those decisions that have been waiting too long. Be brave!

Solving the questions that you are dragging for fear of too drastic changes will lead you not only to improve life but to perceive more clearly the voice of your spiritual guide.




Symbol 2: Pluto

Pluto is the planet of power, although it has subtle energy.

This planet is about transformation, regeneration, and rebirth.

Your life is not simple, there are so many difficulties that you face daily and that sometimes make you feel tired and unmotivated.

Your situation must change, let it lighten, let it finally breathe. Your spiritual guide suggests that you should celebrate. Yes, that’s right!

Celebrate to thank for all those little things that make your life sweeter, for the little victories you have won, for the tenacity and courage that accompany you.

Face your days with gratitude and a smile. In this way, you will attract much more things to be thankful for.




Symbol 3: Uranus

Uranus is about transcendence, seeing things differently.

This is why this planet governs new future inventions, technologies, and events. Uranus is not used to predefined rules and prefers to create new possibilities.

Your spiritual guide’s advice is to be more aware of your body to see areas that need improvement.

The body is always an extension of what is emotionally happening within us and through this knowledge, we can put ourselves on the path of evolution and transcendence.

Establish a connection with your body, pay attention to the messages it transmits and then start working for a better life.

Has the message of your spiritual guide arrived at the right time?

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