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Choose a Zen Image and Get Advice on Your Inner Growth:

Take a deep breath and connect with your intuition, choose the image that most fascinates you and get advice on your internal growth.

It will bring you a profound message about your inner growth:


Image 1: Devotion, Meera dance in the temple

Devotion is to connect totally to existence, it is a love story. To love, in turn, means to be entangled with another person, to share the profound intimacy of the two hearts; make two hearts start dancing the same song.

Devotion is the death of the personality. Choose to abandon all that is mortal to yourself, let alone remain what is eternal, what death cannot achieve. Devotion is the highest form of love.

Zen Advice for you:

If you keep faith, disinterested determination and devotion to your duty, you can get everything you want.


Image 2: Authenticity, Milarepa and the false teacher

You can follow any path you want. As long as it is sincere and true, in this way you will reach your goal. Some paths may be simpler and others more tortuous, but what really matters is maintaining your authenticity.

However, if you are not authentic, no matter which route you choose, you will never go anywhere. Only the commitment to the truth will take you where you want, nothing more.

Zen Council for you:

Live your life as you wish, do what makes you happy, do not be influenced or limited by other people’s criticism. When we allow others to define ourselves, we do not live with authenticity. Life is much more than pleasing to others. You decide to be true to yourself.


Image 3: Meditation, Hakuin, and the child

For ordinary people, everything that others say and do is incredible, because they have nothing original about
themselves. Your opinions are only a cross between the opinions of other people. Therefore, these people live in fear. They are afraid of behaving “bad” and losing their reputation. The opinions of others terrify them because all they know is what they are told. Without
the presence of these people in their lives, ordinary people will lose themselves without knowing who they really are.

However, those who meditate know that they do not need the opinions of other people. These people know who they really are and therefore what others say does not really matter. However, they do not try to change the opinions of others because they believe they are no better than
anyone else to try to label.

Zen Council for you:

Accept who you really are and delete all the labels you put on yourself over time. Live your life your way.

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