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Choose One of the Symbols and Discover your Soul Type

Before starting our journey, each of us chooses a specific role. This role helps to shape our character, our abilities and also determines the way we interact with others. Your role is your deepest essence. Your soul can take one of the following 7 roles: servant, master, scholar, warrior, king, sage, priest.


Choose one of the symbols and discover your Soul Type

Choose one of the symbols and discover your soul type


1. Servant

People with such a soul care about others and their needs and also try to alleviate their suffering. They want to make this world better so that everyone will be absolutely happy. They are friendly and loyal and can even ask for help if necessary, without thinking about their pride.


2. Master

Creative and expressive personality with a rich imagination. Think about the type of clothes you wear and the type of car you drive. People with such a soul are behind the most famous creative and technical achievements.


3. Warrior

They are driven by results. The reward is a great incentive to get down to action and reach the goal. People with such a soul love exercise and activity. They are energetic, proactive and concentrated.


4. Scholar

People with such a soul are curious, diligent by nature and often excel in their studies. Scholars are the stars of their classes. They love to learn, experiment and expand their knowledge and improve their skills.


5. Sage

People with such a soul are charismatic and fascinating. These wise men are brilliant, dramatic and fun-loving people. They were born to be on stage.


6. Priest

Inspiring, energetic and motivating, priests can see the true potential of those around them and reveal their best qualities. They are thoughtful, compassionate and inspiring.


7. King

Kings are powerful and authoritative individuals, who are excellent leaders. People with such a soul are perfectionists and are used to doing everything according to the highest standards.

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