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Choose Your Favorite Oracle To Receive Her Prophetic Message For You

So all you have to do is take a deep breath and quietly look at the photos of these 8 Oracles for a brief moment. Which of them attracts you the most? Which one caught your attention immediately? Scroll down to read the prophetic message that each one reveals to you.


The First Oracle

You are called to realize your full potential and to choose to become a force for good in the world. Whether or not you are aware of it, you are embarking on a great spiritual search. Your soul is leading you to a myriad of discoveries about who you really are and what you came here to achieve in this life.

Each of us has a unique trip that is designed especially for us and designed so that we reach our full potential. During this search, you will obtain a meaningful vision of your purpose here on Earth. For many, this journey will have been preceded by a period of turmoil, confusion, and conflict, which has led to a desire for greater clarity and concrete answers about the meaning and purpose of their life.

From this spiritual journey you are undertaking, you will gain wisdom, enlightenment and a greater sense of your personal power. While traveling on this path, be sure to commit to the search and not be tempted by distractions that may cause you to deviate from the trail.

The hermit is urging you to focus your energy less on having, and more on simply being. Your spiritual growth can be improved by the regular practice of meditation and self-reflection at this time.



The Second Oracle

Reading, research and education help you gain confidence and clarity about your career. This image indicates that you need additional information to feel confident about your career. Fortunately, the angels are clearly guiding you in this regard.

Please note your recurring ideas and feelings about taking classes, hiring a mentor, reading a book, or other forms of research and study. You are also receiving signals from above that point you in directions of support. For example, several people can recommend you the same book in a short period of time, this indicates that the angels are guiding you through the messages of other people.

There is something important for you in that book, that kind of cinema, that place or another idea that you mention frequently. The angels have opened the door of information for you; and now it’s up to you to accept your gift by reading that book, watching that movie, taking that class or visiting that place.



The Third Oracle

Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working. In case you doubt your feelings and plans, this image is the way your angel encourages you to continue with your dreams and current goals. Just having a dream has added passion and meaning to your life. Now the angels are encouraging you to take positive action measures related to your dream.

They know that you will feel happier and/or more energized as you dedicate time and energy daily to their enjoyment. Start by focusing your mind and body with a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and then quietly ask your guardian angels: “Please, give me clear signs, guidance, motivation, support, and inspiration related to the purpose of my divine life.”

Look at the thoughts and feelings you receive after making this request. Work as a team with your angels asking for clarity of additional information and then follow that guide as it happens.



The Fourth Oracle

To live is to burn, grow and ignite the heart and soul with passionate devotion to a higher purpose. I ask you to remain open to me even if you are in shock, denial, or feel betrayed or broken. Living with an open heart is for the brave souls who love me and are capable of loving the world. I bring you the Sacred Fire.

It burns through me like a spiritual passion and lights up now in you too. You are going to receive this fire now and you are going to set fire to the heart of the world. When we do not have spiritual passion in our hearts, we fall in love with empty substitutes. We might yearn for a fantasy relationship that never manifests at all, or that manifests itself for a short period of time before it reveals itself as something less than substantial.

Or maybe we want a great job, To feel truly connected to our own divine destiny, we must be willing to allow our hearts to burn for something greater than our own individual needs and desires. It is not comfortable to do this, but it is being done in a way that can not be achieved by any other method. It is not wrong to have individual needs and desires, of course.

We can not quench another’s thirst if our cup is so broken that it can not hold a nutritious liquid for us, much less for anyone else. However, the oracle of Our Lady of Holy Fire speaks to us of a passion for the Divine coming to our hearts, which will make us and give us the power to love the world, allowing the Divine Mother to flow through us and help our world, which is in the midst of rebirth right now.

The Sacred Fire in our hearts is what makes us want to grow spiritually – we can not help being intrigued by it, feeling attracted to it, forced to work on it, and moving forward even when it gets difficult or seems impossible. It is what makes us want to contribute something useful to the world, to become empowered and truthful in how we live, to want to live with goodwill and a genuine desire that all beings become happy and free.



The Fifth Oracle

A rare prize should be awarded to you. The universe is confirming that the most delicious dreams of your heart are being nourished so that they manifest. For this, you will be given a saving grace, an intervention if necessary. Be open to receiving, renounce doubt in favor of unconditional trust. Through your confidence and optimism, you make it easier for the universe to give you the most deserved gift.

A rare prize is worth the effort to get it. Your efforts will need to include loving discipline. The discipline of love is not about trying to bend the world according to your will, but about preparing yourself to align with the spirit of what you want to receive. To receive, instead of trying to take by force, strength, confidence, spiritual intelligence and courage are required.

It is easier to try to force things from a fearful place, but it is more effective and empowering to learn to attract and receive through consciously chosen delivery. This allows the universe to do its best work for you! Surrendering is not about passivity, but about doing everything we can do and then trust enough in life to let go and let the result be whatever it is. Letting go is not surrendering. It is about trusting that there is a great and generous intelligence that is expressed through our lives, and if we are opened to it, we are given great treasures.

So the discipline that is talked about here is about changing your consciousness. It asks you to release issues related to self-esteem. Why should not you be empowered and assisted by the universe to create a life that fills you with joy and makes you feel “just what you need”? Of course, you must, can and will be!

Let go any lack of self-esteem that gets in the way of your opening in complete confidence in the universe. Angels help to change the mind from scarcity to the consciousness of prosperity, where we feel that we can receive precious gifts with an open and easy attitude, without clinging to them out of fear or putting them away because of shame or guilt.

When they enter your life, they bring a sign of abundance that is directed towards you. This can manifest itself in many and varied ways: in financial wealth; in career opportunities; in greater love and affection in their relationships; or as a sense of living in the rich fullness of life, both spiritually and emotionally and materially.



The Sixth Oracle

This oracle brings you the confirmation that this will not be a failed initiation for you, but a true rebirth. You have what it takes. You can make this crazy and improbable leap into a completely new consciousness. You’re supposed to do it. It may seem ridiculous, like the unlikely miracle that the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, but it is part of your destiny.

This radical change you dream of, or in which you feel dragged without knowing what is pushing you forward, is destined to be. Believe in your own capacity for transformation. Trust what is happening. Do not dream of small dreams, because you are capable of much more dramatic and colorful creations.

You have within you the ability to become a creature so wildly beautiful and free that you probably can not even imagine what that will look like at this moment. All you can do is trust in the magnificence of what you are becoming, the expression of transformational intelligence and the power within you.



The Seventh Oracle

A profound transformation is taking place in your life. You have managed to reconcile the problems of your past and as a result, your true nature is beginning to emerge. This card is here to encourage you to continue on your spiritual journey and to continue being yourself. You have much to offer the world just for being you.

Love is magical because it has the power to transform all things. The love you have has the power to touch not only those around you but the whole world. By becoming aware of your own beauty, you are not only strengthening yourself, but also helping to reflect the beauty in others.

This card is connected to Nature and to the healing power and beauty that She radiates. Nowhere is it easier to feel the magic of the Universe than in Nature. Nature exudes peace, love, and tranquility that touch the heart. She reflects the love we have inside of ourselves. Spend a little time regularly to surround yourself with nature. Your magical powers will help reflect the magic within you.



The Eighth Oracle

The right time will develop as it is supposed to be. For too long you have used this idea of ​​the “right moment” as a tactic to delay and delay because you are afraid of what the change will bring.

The change will alter everything. Your ideas will vanish one by one and they will change and reorder. Everything will be transformed and nothing is certain, because we are in the time of the prophecies. Stop waiting for the right moment, because it is now when this action must take place.

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