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Cosmic Energies of October: Here’s What your Zodiac Sign should Know

This month will be extremely passionate and also full of drama, as most planets are heading to Scorpio.

Moreover, Pluto becomes direct after a retrograde period of five months, which will give us the impetus to achieve our goals and realize our dreams, with the idea that nothing can stop us.

Mars moves in Libra which has both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits involve teamwork and talent to finish things, while the disadvantages involve the many obstacles on the road, due to the indecision of Libra. There will be problems when you set limits, but you can go beyond that.

Venus is going to be in Scorpio, which will be a sign for you that love is in the air. Do not worry because it will not create additional tension in your relationship. On the contrary, thanks to Venus, it will help you understand what deserves to be fought. Read Also: Monthly Horoscope October 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign.

On October 13 there will be the Full Moon in Aries. This Full Moon will ask us to drop anything that is not authentic or anything that does not really interest us.




You will be plagued by a relationship, where you will need to see if you are compatible, or not. Do not worry and let yourself go if you have not.




Your schedule will be extremely busy, so be sure to take care of your health and well-being. In addition, there is no harm in finding someone who will help you get through this.




Life can sometimes become quite exhausting, so it’s wise to look for pleasures. Do not forget to do what you need, but also do not leave the things you want.




You will face adventure and love on your way, sometimes overlapping. If you’re alone, it may be a good time to go out and explore, while couples can find the spark to rekindle their fire.




You will retreat to the depths of yourself, which will allow you to return to life and your past. Your domestic life will be honored, so you will have to balance all the parts. Find the emotional food to heal.




Use your spirit and charm to open the doors to success this month. Socialize, but remember that your expenses will not be paid by anyone else. So, be nice to your pockets.




For you, money is essential during this period and you are looking for ways to increase your finances. But remember, you will have to prove your value if you are really looking for this jackpot.




Let go of this facade and be who you are. You must understand that it is a fact that when someone loves himself, others are equally attracted to him and love him too. Take care of yourself.




You will not be as active as you thought, but it’s probably a good thing. You will have the time to understand things and regain your focus while still developing an action plan.




Your social life and career have always been important to you, but this time you will see the need to get rid of the attributes that make you so focused on winning. Just because it will affect a lot of people around you.




You will be very curious, and the stars will help you create a new sphere, a new dimension for your character. Goals and dreams are really important to you during this time.




Remember that this life that is offered to us has always been magical. To experience it, go out and meet new people. Do something that makes you happy and everything that makes life worth living.

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