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Do You Have a Tendency for Good or Bad? According to Your Zodiac Sign

Here are the main characteristics of each of the zodiac signs and their tendency to good and bad:



1. Libra:

Libras tend to control themselves, to be faithful and pure. They see the beauty in everything, they rarely stray from their peace, even when they are upset, they see life with great optimism!

If you have a Libra in your life, you are very fortunate, as they add balance and confidence to your days, in addition to doing everything possible to keep you always well.




2. Taurus:

Taurus are great friends, have their hearts on their hands and stay away from all negative habits, especially in their personal relationships.

Generally, they want everyone around them to be happy and do nothing intentionally to harm someone or to gain an advantage. The smile and happiness of others gives them hope and reason to believe in the world!




3. Pisces:

Pisces generally live in their own world. However, they are always considerate and open.

When they don’t get the same attention they offer, they can get upset, but they are wise enough to know that they are the creators of their own reality and that one person cannot ruin their day.




4. Sagittarius:

Most Sagittarians are extremely loving and have a mission to make people happy around them. They believe love makes the world go round and they really hate hypocrisy.

It is for this reason that they are selective in relation to the people with whom they surround themselves.




5. Aquarius:

The Aquarius charisma and docility are very attractive! They usually have many acquaintances and friends, and they always enjoy seeing the happiness of the people they love.

However, they are very intense with everything in their life, this can sometimes lead to conflicts or problems.




6. Gemini:

Gemini has a lot of two sides in their life. Sometimes they can hate you and treat you with contempt, other times they will be very loving and caring.

However, they keep a smile and a great positivity that attracts people into their lives.




7. Leo:

Leos are generous, friendly and supportive, but when hurt, all of their best qualities wear off.

They are very strong people who have learned to defend themselves, so think carefully before you hurt them.




8. Cancer:

When not disturbed, Cancers are calm and peaceful. However, when someone provokes them, they become a completely different version of themselves, vindictive and angry.

They live with constant ups and downs, so it can be a bit difficult to establish a simple relationship with these signs. But if you want to try, know that what they hate the most is lying.




9. Virgo:

Virgos are generally friendly and extremely polite. However, when someone awakens their negative side, they respond with the same intensity.

Be consistent and stable with these signs.




10. Aries:

Aries are very loyal to those they love and will do anything to protect their interests. They also like to stay in control.

So, if you want to face an Aries, prepare yourself for their extreme competitiveness and fury.




11. Capricorn:

Capricorns want to be masters of themselves. They don’t feel they have to do certain things just because everyone else is doing it and because it’s considered good or normal.

On the contrary, they live their lives in their own way and do what they want. Be careful with a Capricorn.




12. Scorpio:

Scorpios do not care much about the people around them, but rather focus on meeting their own needs and wants. The moments with these signs are always very intense, for better or for worse.

So stay in control if you have a Scorpio in your life.



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    Tf how you Know who’s good and bad? Every sign got good and bad… And ain’t no sign better than any other.

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