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Four Gifts of Highly Sensitive People – This is what Makes them Special

When you are in the minority in the face of a large majority, you feel immediately disadvantaged and overwhelmed by fear.

Why do we perceive things differently?

Why do we suffer more than others?

Why do we find refuge in solitude?

Why do we observe and feel things that other people generally do not notice?

20% of the population is hypersensitive, but, this is not a defect. It is quite possible that during your life, especially during your childhood, you were fully aware of this emotional distance, and how, sometimes, you had the sensation of living in a kind of bubble, strangeness, and loneliness.

Hypersensitivity is a gift, a tool that can allow you to deepen things and show more empathy. Few have the ability to reach this vital point of learning.

It was Elaine N. Aron who, in the early nineties, deepened the studies already conducted on the introverted personality, thoroughly uncovered the characteristics of a new dimension never before explored, which reflected a social reality: people who are hypersensitive, thoughtful, empathic and emotionally reactive.

If this is your case, if you identify with these characteristics that Dr. Aron has described in her book The Highly Sensitive Person, then you must understand that it is not because we are hypersensitive that we must feel weird or different … on the contrary!

You must feel lucky to have the following 4 gifts:


1. The gift of emotional knowledge.

Some people are able, from an early age, to perceive certain aspects of their daily life that will give rise to anguish, contradictions and fascinating curiosity.

Their eyes will capture things that adults do not even consider. The frustration of their schoolmaster, the worry of their mother … Hypersensitive children already perceive things that other children do not see.

From an early age, they will be told that life is as difficult as it is contradictory.

They will see the world with their child’s eyes, but of a child who opens early to the world of emotions, without even being aware of what guides them, what makes them vibrate, what is the origin of the suffering that adults feel.

The knowledge of emotions is the weapon of silent power. We are getting closer to people to understand them, but in turn, they make us more vulnerable to pain.

Sensitivity is like a shining light, which in turn makes us more vulnerable to other people’s behavior, pious lies, disappointments, sarcasm …

You will often be told “You are always exaggerating!”, Or “You are so sensitive!”

And that’s not wrong. But, that’s what you are. To have a gift is to have a great responsibility. Your knowledge of emotions also requires that you know how to protect yourself and take care of yourself.



2. The gift of appreciating loneliness.

Highly Sensitive People people feel a certain pleasure when they are alone.

They aspire to find discrete corners where to do what they have to do and indulge in their favorite activities.

They are creative people who like to listen to music, read… And even if it does not stop them from appreciating the company of others, it is when they are alone that they feel the best.

Hypersensitive people are not afraid of loneliness, of those moments when they can connect more intimately with themselves and their thoughts, far from the eyes of others.



3. The gift of leading a life where everything starts from the heart.

To be Highly Sensitive is to lead a life where everything starts from the heart. Nobody lives more intensely love, nobody appreciates as much the small daily gestures, the friendship, the tenderness …

It is often believed that hypersensitive people live in pain, that they are more likely to be depressed and sad, that they feel vulnerable to the stimuli of the outside world, to the behavior of others.

But, there is one thing that people who think this way do not know: Few emotions are as intense as those of loving and being loved …

And we are not talking here only about relationships, but also about friendship, everyday tenderness, or even just contemplating a beautiful painting, a landscape, or enjoying a melody.

For the hypersensitive person, it is a sensitive experience, rooted in his heart.



4. The gift of inner growth.

Hypersensitivity can’t be cured. We are born with that, with this peculiarity, with this gift that can already be seen clearly from an early age.

The questions of a child, his intuition, his tendency to perfectionism, his threshold to physical pain, his genes in the face of lights or strong smells, his emotional vulnerability…

It is not easy to live with this gift. Nevertheless, once we can identify what it is and what it can bring us, comes the moment when we must learn to handle many details.

You must not let yourself be overwhelmed by your negative emotions.

You must also keep in mind that others are going at their own pace, that they do not have your emotional threshold, that they will not live certain things with the same intensity as you.

However, this does not mean, for example, they love you less. Respect them, understand them.

Once you know who you are and become aware of your abilities, find your balance and encourage your personal growth. You are unique and your life depends entirely on your heart. Walk in peace, walk safely, and be happy.

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