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Full Moon in Cancer on December 29 – Embrace the Change that is Coming

The last Full Moon of the year is expected to rise on the night of December 29th under the sweet sign of Cancer. Known as the energetic climax of the lunar cycle, Full Moons can be extremely powerful and impact the way we feel, act, and sleep.

The nurturing energy of Cancer will bring out the sensitivity within us. This will be a great time to sort through all of the storms that we have faced throughout 2020. Reflecting on and sorting out those emotions will help us make room to welcome the New Year.

Remember to love and pamper yourself in this lunation and connect with people who make you feel pampered. Personal care and a sense of comfort are all we look for as the Full Moon rises. In order to fully explore all the emotions that this Full Moon brings, we need to be comfortable in our own space.

Full Moons are always more powerful because they rise opposite the Sun. Usually, they are also in opposite zodiacs. If the Sun is in Leo, the Full Moon will be in Aquarius. As the two celestial bodies glow in the opposing energies of the zodiacs, it amplifies their energies and shakes our lives with powerful emotions. Let’s see how the Cancer Full Moon in December will affect us:

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It will affect our sleep:

The intense energy of a Full Moon often interrupts our sleep. Even scientific research shows that people take longer to fall asleep, stay asleep for fewer hours, and the depth and quality are not too good under Full Moons.

Lunar energy often turns into nightmares or dreams while we are sleeping. If you can tap into this energy, these wonderful dreams can also manifest in the following days!



We will be more emotional:

In astrology, the Moon is known as the ‘planet’ governing our feelings, emotions, and vulnerabilities. When locked in a tense opposition, and at their energetic peak, Full Moons make us feel our emotions more intensely.

This December Full Moon will rise under the sign of Cancer, already known as an emotional sign. Together this can be a difficult time, especially when it comes to vulnerabilities. Try not to get lost in the ocean of emotions.

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It makes us socialize more:

Full Moons force us to focus on external energies and interpersonal issues. New Moons are all about soul-searching, but the energy of the Full Moon is best used for socializing. Spend extra time with your partner or dine with your family.



The Full Moon’s illumination:

The shine of a Full Moon illuminates not only the sky but also our minds. New ideas, information, and feelings flow. Or you could have had these emotions or ideas in your subconscious and now it’s bubbling up to the surface. Either way, trust your instincts and follow the flow of the Moon’s energy.



A new beginning:

Once the Moon reaches its peak on a Full Moon night, it begins to wane and release its energy. This waning period can be ideal for getting rid of all the bad habits and patterns that are of no use to you. Leave this toxic relationship, stop your bad habits. Release all negative energy and bathe in the moonlight.

After an intense year, we are finally ready to welcome 2021. The year ends on a positive note with the Cancer Full Moon. Let go of the things that aren’t helping you grow and focus on self-care. Let the Moon hold your hand as you step into the New Year.

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