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Hitting the Cosmic Reset, It’s Aries Season.

The Ruler of the Zodiac.

They say Aries are the ruler of the zodiac, so it’s not surprising that it is their energy that drives us into the astrological New Year.  Aries are a responsible tribe and are not afraid to take the initiative.  The Sun officially entered the ram’s realm on March 20th, the same day as the vernal equinox.  Until the Sun leaves the sign on April 19th, we will feel Aries’s bright, energetic atmosphere.

A Fresh Start.

The Aries season gives us a fresh start in the universe, somewhat like a spring clean or a big reset button and being the first sign of the zodiac; our desires are stimulated.  The Sun is highly regarded in Aries, so our planet is in its most powerful state. 

Be Bold.

If Pisces season was all about dreaming, then the Aries season is all about execution.  It’s also your time to be bolder than usual.  Whatever your goal is, whether it’s getting a new job, finding love, or even joining a new wellness routine, it’s an excellent time to take that first step.

On the day the Sun enters Aries, Mercury is in perfect agreement with Jupiter, the planet of good luck and abundance, bringing us positive and good luck.


Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.

This month we have another perfect day to turn our dreams into reality.  On April 12th, we will experience one of the most critical phases of the planet this year.  The once-in-a-lifetime conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces hasn’t happened since 1856 and will never happen again in our lifetime.  Take the opportunity to plant the seeds of your biggest dreams.

You should be aware of April 14th, when Mars, the ruler of the Aries planet, heads for Pisces.  This energy may distract you from reaching your dream.

Even if you start by following the wrong path to your dreams, the astrology of the moon will guide you in the right direction.  Keep a little faith and be patient.

Take Control.

Another date you should remember is April 18th, when the Sun squares Pluto.  Controversially, you can expect a power struggle with changes to relationships.  You may feel it’s important to take control but be careful not to be argumentative.

Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing — sometimes, it’s what we need to help us move on to the next chapter in our lives.  Or, in this case, the next astrological New Year.

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