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How Capricorn Season 2020-2021, Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

The Sun’s transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn is eventful this year, as the astrology for the winter holidays is filled with planetary dramas that bombard us with change. But once we get into the swing of the 2020-2021 Capricorn season, which officially begins on December 21st, we’ll all start to feel a little more grounded.

Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign of the zodiac, and having planets here shifts our focus to issues of financial security, material wealth, and practicality. During Capricorn season, when the Sun shines its light through the filter of this zodiac sign, we tend to take a more pragmatic approach to life.

We leave behind the spontaneity of risk-taking of the Sagittarius season for a more careful, calculated way of getting things done. Now we can appreciate the stability of a well-thought-out plan. It is a great time to budget, take the responsibility seriously, and be more deliberate.

Capricorn’s no-nonsense vibe can help us tidy up our year-end affairs and get our New Year’s intentions in order because this astrological season inspires us to focus on our tangible goals and triggers our sense of determination when it comes to achieving them.

We will all be gifted with additional patience and discipline now. Below, you’ll find out exactly how the Capricorn season will affect your zodiac sign, so you can enjoy this hardworking earth sign energy while it’s ripe.




Aries purpleAries, you are focusing on work during this time, so now is a great time to start setting the framework for your dream career path. However, empires are not built overnight.

Use as much patience as possible, and resist the idea of taking shortcuts. Capricorn season prompts you to be more thorough in your quest for success, trust the process and work towards your goals at a slower but more steady pace.





Taurus purpleIt’s time to push your limits and start stepping out of your comfort zone, Taurus.

If you’ve had the idea of traveling to a faraway place, furthering your education, or embarking on a mind-enriching journey, Capricorn season is the time to start setting your plans in stone.

Try looking at it another way or saying yes to a new experience this month and see where it takes you.





Gemini purpleIt’s time to own up to your responsibilities to others, Gemini, and that means settling your debts, keeping your promises, and assessing your personal limits on money, love, and time.

Capricorn season teaches you to be more trustworthy. But these are not just qualities to be developed for the benefit of others, be sure that you are honoring your duty in order to be dependable for yourself as well.





Cancer PurpleLove is on your mind this season, Cancer, and you take relationships more seriously now. If you are involved in an occasional adventure, you might be more interested in taking things to the next level.

But if there are any issues in your partnerships, they will probably stand out more than usual right now. You are now setting a higher standard in romantic relationships, so make sure that the partner you want is able to meet that.

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Leo PurpleIf you’re trying to break bad habits, start a new wellness routine, or restructure your schedule, now is a great time to make it happen, Leo. Capricorn season lights up your sense of discipline, inspiring you to make your daily life more organized and in control for the long haul.

By making small, healthy adjustments to your daily routine, you will find that all areas of your life will start to function a little easier.





Virgo PurplePrepare for a joyous and romantic month ahead, Virgo. You feel attractive, creative, and overflowing with passion for whatever gives you pleasure.

While you normally try to keep your feelings down-to-earth and practical, you are dealing with matters of the heart right now and love can’t always be rationalized. Try to let go of your need to make sense of things and express yourself with a childish sense of play.





Libra PurpleYou feel homesick and emotional, so a little rest and relaxation will go a long way.

Spend more time at home nesting to help lift your spirits, now is the perfect time to flex your artistic eye by redecorating your space or welcoming a few close friends to your quarantine pod for a chill movie night.





Scorpio PurpleCapricorn season lights up your social life, Scorpio, so expect your inboxes to explode with friends looking to connect. But between work, vacations, and your social life, you might find yourself pressed for time, so this is a great opportunity to practice being more present with your surroundings.

Don’t force yourself to answer everything all at once. Take your time and focus on the people, places, and things right in front of you.

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Sagittarius purpleAfter a sparkling birthday month and a busy vacation, it’s time to take charge of your financial life, Sagittarius. Tap into the motivational energy of the Capricorn season and use it to set a budget, savings plan, and financial goals for the year ahead.

You don’t have to spend a lot to have experiences that provide value, try to focus on finding more fun in things that cost nothing, like a good conversation or a walk in the park.





Capricorn PurpleHappy birthday, Capricorn! You see yourself in a new light this month and you feel more confident in your ability to bring something fresh to the table.

Lowering your guard and being more authentic isn’t just good for your soul, it will also help inspire everyone around you to do the same. Let your positive qualities shine through and don’t be afraid to step into the limelight.





Aquarius PurpleLife may seem like a sleepy, dreamy haze this month – but it’s not because you’re lazy, Aquarius. It’s just that you come into contact with your spiritual side.

While this may not be the seemingly productive time for you, you are untangling knots in your subconscious that will make you feel a lot lighter in the future. Spend time dream journaling, meditating, or working with crystals to anchor yourself during this time of mystical growth.





Pisces purpleIt’s a great month to get more involved in the causes that are close to your heart, Pisces. People close to you probably know your emotional depth and a strong sense of empathy, but have you shared these gifts with the world?

You might find deep value and make a big difference to others by doing community organizing or volunteering. Get outside and allow your inner leader to shine.



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