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How Crazy Are You, According to your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered which zodiac sign is really the craziest? There is no doubt that some of them are a little more interesting than the others, but which one do you think is the craziest?

Below is a list of zodiac signs classified from least crazy to most crazy. The craziest will, of course, be the last on this list. Where do you think you will end up?

Top craziest zodiac signs:



12. Libra:

You are pretty round overall. You have no uncontrollable mood and you don’t act often on impulse.

You are someone who likes to think and that is what makes you the least crazy zodiac sign.




11. Cancer:

You are one of the most caring signs. You are a little crazy but not enough to go up on the list. You are usually fairly selfless and always think about others and how you can help them.

While this is something you do for a fault, it doesn’t drive you crazy. The only crazy thing about you is how obsessive you can get in a relationship.




10. Pisces:

You are someone who prefers fantasy to reality and I think that is why you are where you are on this list. You don’t feel the same way as everyone else.

You are more connected to things that most people are not as connected to and that makes a big difference in your life. To be honest, when it comes to crazy things you could do, the most would be to throwing a fit out of nowhere.




9. Aries:

You are someone who lets a lot accumulate inside and it is not good. You don’t explode often but when you do, it can be a little terrifying. You are what you might consider “moderately crazy”.

No, you are not going to hopefully get into a series of killings, but you will get into a fight or two if someone pisses you off on a “bad day”.

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8. Capricorn:

You are a little too cunning for people to trust. You could easily figure out how to deal with something bad. You are very motivated and will stop at nothing to make sure you get where you need to be.

It could be considered a little “crazy” depending on how you see it. But hey, at least you are not a lower number.




7. Sagittarius:

You always move from place to place, literally or mentally. You cannot stand still and this is sometimes a problem. You are wild and unpredictable, to say the least.

Nobody knows what you have in store next. I guess calling you reckless and fearless in that sense would drive you crazy too.




6. Scorpio:

You don’t really let others get in at the level you should. You always say that things are “against” you and it really makes things more dramatic than they should be.

You’re a little crazier than the others listed before you because you never let anyone close enough to see you for who you really are.




5. Leo:

You are what we would equate to a narcissist. You manipulate the people around you and you don’t really care about a lot of people if any.

You are ready to do whatever you need to do to get where you want to be, no matter who you have to hurt to get there. It’s a dangerous combination of things that make a person go crazy.

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4. Aquarius:

You are far too intelligent for your own good. You always make sure you don’t get caught when you do something sneaky and people tend to forget about you.
If you did something terrible, most people wouldn’t consider you the first “suspect.” You are also someone who likes revenge and who will not stop before you have it.




3. Taurus:

You are a time bomb, even the smallest things can set you off. You get aggressive quickly and take it out on anyone.

You are faithful to the animal associated with your sign. This makes you one of the craziest first three signs.




2. Gemini:

Your contradictory traits quite make up the split personality. One minute you might be fine and happy, but the next you might scream and be ready to fight someone.

Although there is never a dull moment with you, you are a little crazy.




1. Virgo:

You are someone who does everything possible to criticize others. You find putting others down to be fun, whether you admit it or not. You are quick to anger and in a good situation also quick to violence.

You don’t care if you hurt those around you and you are very narrow-minded. If something is wrong with you, it pisses you off and because of those things, you’re the craziest sign.

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