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How Neptune Retrograde 2021 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

If it seems that the astrology of July 2021 triggered Pandora’s box of emotions, it is because it did so mainly thanks to heavy squares in Leo bringing friction between worlds and unfortunate surprises.

Right now, we may be feeling very delicate after recovering from the New Moon of July in sensitive Cancer. Our emotions may be heightened by Neptune Retrograde 2021, which began on June 25 in its home sign of Pisces and ends on December 1, 2021.

As a collective, this five-month backspin will take us out of our dreamlike trance, forcing us to see life from a more practical perspective over the next few months. But it can be helpful to know how Neptune’s next retrograde will affect your specific zodiac sign.

Neptune is the ultimate illusionist, but in retrograde, it’s about looking at the world in a sober and realistic way, which means we can no longer gloss over the issues that we may have previously brushed aside. Anyone born between March 10 and March 14 is very sensitive during this backspin.

Even if our illusions (like setting unrealistic goals or believing that we can be friends with everyone) will be shattered, it will help us grow spiritually and move closer to our highest selves. Over those remaining months, you might find yourself making adjustments to your vision boards or recalibrating your goals and metrics.

But don’t let these reflections mask the magic of Neptune! After all, Neptune is the planet of dreams, hope, and faith. It’s time to remember our magic and dream bigger for the future. We must allow ourselves to see the possibility in the impossible.

Here’s how Neptune retrograde 2021 will affect your zodiac sign.




Aries purpleWhen it comes to willful ambition, you know a thing or two, Aries. However, during this backspin, you are called upon to reevaluate the metrics you have set for yourself and ask yourself if the standards you are submitting to create a misconception of what you are physically capable of.

Without a doubt, you are a powerhouse, but you are also human and cannot stretch out this far. This Neptune retrograde will ask you not to spread yourself too thin by making too many commitments to avoid breaking your promises.

Your biggest wake-up call might light up your tendency to outdo yourself and see yourself as your biggest competitor. Be gentler and more compassionate about your downfalls and your internal dialogue.





Taurus purpleYou have a unique talent for remaining patient through life’s motions despite being the fixed sign of the earth clique, Taurus. Because this retrograde is meant to shatter illusions and help you become more realistic in your goals, you are likely to embrace this transit more easily than others.

You might be faced with a reexamination of your current self-care rituals. Are you abusing the art of self-care as a way of escaping the outside world? Or are you too ingrained to find it difficult to act on your important ambitions?

Neptune retrograde will illuminate specific perceptions that hinder your natural abilities. Now is a good time for you to write down specific goals, whether they are reasonable enough for an earth placement or not, that you would like to see manifest by December when Neptune goes direct.





Gemini purpleRight now you are being tested by the illusions you are creating for yourself in the outside world, Gemini.

This Neptune retrograde will shed light on your tendency to cling too tightly to your social image and status and will require you to take this time to reassess how available you are to others.

You might even be called upon to assess the merit you give to the opinions of others. As one of the great communicators of the zodiac, you are challenged to learn and move in silence. Now is a good time to focus on self-care and meditate.





Cancer PurpleWhen it comes to tapping into your intuition, you know what you’re doing, Cancer. You often rely on your inner voice and most of the time you can be right (even when you don’t want to).

But right now, you’re being asked to make some drastic changes to your usual routine, especially when it comes to relying only on assumptions you’ve made purely on the basis of your gut feeling.

You might understand how your imagination can lead to creating problems that aren’t there and be forced to reassess how you assert yourself in the world. If you tend to make assumptions under the guise of empathy, you might face the consequences of missing out on something, like meaningful relationships or job opportunities.





Leo PurpleYou love to remind people not to take life too seriously, Leo. Sometimes it can seem like you’re having a little too much fun, even when it comes to doing serious work. But genuinely enjoying life takes a fair amount of work, and your seriousness could be put to the test when Neptune retrogrades.

Over the next few months you will be faced with a harsh reality as your philosophy that life is a party will be challenged and you will be asked to get rid of illusions that can ultimately pull you back from your true potential.

Seize Neptune retrograde as a time to create realistic deadlines for your goals and budgets that you can stick to. Don’t have a planner? Now is the perfect time to get one.





Virgo PurpleStructure is your safe haven, Virgo, and during the last months of Neptune retrograde, you will recognize the darker side of your dependence on an organized system. How much do you depend on things to go exactly as planned and how well do you handle situations when they go in a different direction?

The illusion that everything needs a structure will be called into question during this transit. You might be asked to re-evaluate your attention to detail and embrace the world in all its fluid, unstructured chaos.

And don’t be surprised if you feel called to act on your intuition and impulses rather than a practical routine. Now is an important time to stay alert to long-term goals, but seize them in a non-traditional way in order to stay on track.





Libra PurpleLibra, you have a knack for putting others at ease, and your popularity and intoxicating energy is celebrated by all zodiac signs.

However, you might find that you spend a ton of your precious time trying to balance so much at once that you might feel pressure to stop.

You want to avoid getting overwhelmed, but you also want to stay focused on the serious goals you’ve set for yourself during the rest of Neptune’s retrograde. Now is a good time to create an Excel sheet and organize your important documents and budget to help keep you on track.





Scorpio PurpleYour intuition might feel intensely powerful during the last few months of the retrograde, Scorpio. The wave of soul-searching you’ve been riding the past few weeks is responsible for these feelings of empowerment. You are in the midst of serious work on your emotional resilience.

And because you’ve brought some of your problematic habits to the forefront, including comparing your life to that of others on social media, you’ll be better equipped to handle Neptune’s illusion-shattering affair.

Use this time to review goals you might have doubted in the past and let your dreams inspire you to initiate them. However, avoid getting too carried away, as clouding your judgment now could make a huge mess later.





Sagittarius purpleAs a Sagittarius, you are optimistic by nature, and this Neptune retrograde reminds you to set realistic expectations for yourself and not get too carried away by your own fantastic revelations. You are being shown your tendency to be blindly optimistic in situations that require you to sit down with uncomfortable feelings.

You might feel especially eager to explore and experience the outside world because that’s what makes you excited about life.

But Neptune’s backspin will ask you to sit still and reassess your ambitions and inner spiritual journey. This might be a good time to keep a journal or create a Pinterest board.





Capricorn PurpleYou might find yourself forced to reconsider your ambitions during Neptune’s retrograde, Capricorn. Sometimes you can see the world from too practical and traditional a lens.

Since Neptune’s backspin is a transit that illuminates our illusions and created narratives, this will specifically remind you that being too realistic is a good way to limit yourself.

In what areas of your life do you feel stagnant? Neptunian energy is about transcendental reality, which directly conflicts with your grounded philosophy. Ask yourself how you would embrace life if there were no limits.





Aquarius PurpleYou are the elusive sign of the air bunch, Aquarius, and you have a way of keeping others on their toes. While you are proud of your unconventional thinking and uniqueness, this Neptune retrograde will shatter any harmful illusions of individuality that can often cause you to distance yourself from others and detach yourself from the outside world.

You have a lot going on inside, and you can often find it difficult to connect with others. Right now, you are being asked to anchor yourself and be more present in the tangible world.

Try to bond sincerely with your social media followers rather than living vicariously through their stories. You can also feel present by grounding yourself through meditation or taking a walk in nature.





Pisces purpleWith all of the Piscean energy supercharged in Neptune retrograde, you might feel particularly uncomfortable with this reality check, Pisces. Right now, your most powerful assets, like your affinity for daydreaming, are being tested and you are in the hot seat.

If you have taken on more than you can take because of the feeling that it’s the only way to fulfill your destiny, then maybe it is time to rectify your illusions. You are compelled to review your goals and be honest with what is and is not possible right now.

The good news? Your mutable nature will help you come out of uncomfortable feelings, so that you can move freely through the influence of this retrograde.



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