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How Pisces Season 2022 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Have a box of tissues at hand, as emotional catharsis is on its way to the collective. Pisces season 2022 spreads its Neptunian magic from February 18th. The sensitive water sign makes sure you feel all the sensations, so it’s a good time as any to trade in residual aloofness left by Aquarius season for the classic vulnerability of Pisces.

Pisces is all about quiet reflection, exploring your emotions, and indulging in all things romantic and dreamy, so knowing how the Pisces season 2022 affects your zodiac sign is a great way to tap into your intuition and bring you closer to your higher self.

Pisces season will bring a lot of love into our lives, you can expect sparks to fly during the New Moon in Pisces, which occurs on March 2.

The New Moon opens our hearts to new possibilities, which will make us feel like we’re floating on cloud nine when the Sun and Jupiter align on March 5. Fun fact: In traditional astrology, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, aka the planet that brings abundance and luck, so expect the vibrations to be luckier on this day.

Venus, the planet of love and romance, and Mars, the ruler of impulses and aggression, will both enter visionary Aquarius, so while romance may feel strange and a little colder at first, this transit is a great time to bond unconventionally with others.

Venus and Mars come together on March 6, bringing us into contact with the person we worship. The Sun and Neptune conjunction on March 13 will make us see our partner with starry eyes.

But don’t expect to live in an eccentric world for long. The March 18 Virgo Full Moon brings us back to reality by allowing us to clearly see others as they really are without rose-colored glasses.

This season is all about fantasy, romance, and dreaming big, so there’s a lot to look forward to. Ready to know what the water sign has in store for you? Keep reading to find out how Pisces season 2022 will affect your zodiac sign.




ARIES AUGUSTAries, this season is all about catching up on your sleep. The peaceful water sign runs through your house of the subconscious, and it’s there to remind you that even the most passionate and ambitious people need to rest too.

Rather than jumping into action this season, it provides a nice quiet time as you plan and prepare for the future. It’s a moment of rest and relaxation.

Instead of conquering the world at millions of miles an hour, consider giving yourself a moment of solitude to reflect. Also, relax for the next few weeks.





TAURUS AUGUSTPisces season energizes your social life, Taurus, so it’s a good idea to focus on your friendships. Since Pisces can make things a bit fuzzy, now is a good time to reflect on your relationships and decide if those you surround yourself with serve your highest self.

You are finding your squad. This means taking stock of the people who mean the most to you and who have proven their loyalty. Those who haven’t will be cast aside.





GEMINI AUGUSTYou are feeling seen right now, Gemini. This is because the most public part of your chart, your house of public image, comes into focus during Pisces season.

It’s a good time to check in on your work life and where you’re headed. How do you want to be remembered?

Your role at work changes this month. That means you’ll have new opportunities and plenty of time to shine. Embrace all the magical possibilities that come your way and expand your career.





CANCER AUGUSTCancer, this season pushes you out of your comfort zone and inspires you to pursue bigger and better things. You may see things differently, which can totally contradict your own point of view, but it’s always a good idea to stay objective and avoid letting cloudy Pisces energy mislead you.

Step back and look at life from another angle. You may find that having a broader perspective will give you the inside you need to make any necessary changes and see yourself evolve over time.





LEO AUGUSTPisces season is all about defining your needs and wants, Leo. Your eighth house of transformation will be in the spotlight, and it’s a reminder to let go of things that don’t serve you.

It’s a good time to ask yourself: what are you ready to release this season?

It is important to put in place boundaries in relationships over the next few weeks. Setting boundaries with those who care about you will ensure that no one takes advantage of you, or vice versa, in the future.





VIRGO AUGUSTPisces season is all about partnerships, Virgo, so it’s a great time to open yourself up to the possibility of love. Take the time to truly meet your needs when it comes to a lasting relationship from the inside out through journaling and inner reflection.

Your love life is blossoming right now, allowing you to define relationships. You may want to open your heart to your loved one.





LIBRA AUGUSTPisces season is the perfect time to slow down and be gentle with yourself, Libra. Dreamy Pisces gives you the green light to romanticize your daily rituals, so don’t be afraid to implement candlelight baths and other romantic habits into your daily life.

Over the next few weeks, the focus will be on your daily routine. Be sure to get your steps in while you work and stretch your muscles during breaks to ensure you don’t experience physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion.





SCORPIO AUGUSTDo you feel the love, Scorpio? Your fellow water sign, Pisces, sprinkles romance into your life this season, and you’re inspired to take new relationships in stride but don’t forget to pour that love into your cup, too.

Love is in the air this month. You want to impress a new relationship or we are embarking on an old one. Dive deep down the rabbit hole and give it your all to make sure everything goes your way.





SAGITTARIUS AUGUSTSpring cleaning came a little early, Sagittarius. This season is all about reworking your home and creating your space in a way that captures your eclectic and adventurous vibe, so there’s nothing wrong with splurging on that new bookshelf you’ve been eyeing.

It’s time to beautify your apartments or your house. Before you commit to painting the walls a different color, try adding a few minor embellishments to your home.

You might find that minor tweaks like different colored pillows really change the energy in your space.





CAPRICORN AUGUSTCapricorn, you may feel like you are fighting to be understood, especially since Pisces is often vague, while you are rather pragmatic. Think before you speak and consider your responses, listening is also communication.

Communication is in right now. Make sure to be concise and direct with others. The reason for this is that it can be lost in translation, which can lead to long-term confusion.





AQUARIUS AUGUSTAre you in a “TikTok made me buy it” mindset right now, Aquarius? As tempting as it is to splurge on futuristic new technology, especially since you and Pisces share dreamy ideologies, it’s probably a good idea to revisit your budget plan instead.

Start saving your money, Aquarius. The more you put aside for a rainy day, that means you’ll have a lot more cash to play with when the time comes. Budgets and sales are your friends.





PISCES AUGUSTPisces, this period is about changing your goals and removing all the limits that have been set in your path this year. Think about your needs and wants so you can define how you want to move forward and don’t skip the spiritual work!

Now is the optimal time to start manifesting your dreams. The more you start to connect with your visions, the easier it will be to make them a reality.



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