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How Pluto Retrograde 2020 will Affect You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Although Pluto has not been officially part of the planets of the solar system since 2006, it still has a very important astrological influence. Pluto entered the retrograde cycle on April 25 and will be until October 4, influencing all the signs of the zodiac in a more or less intense way.

This period can be viewed as a phase of metamorphosis and deep purification. Think about this: Sometimes you have to go through the dark to get to the light, and that is precisely the essence of Pluto.

Ironically, this celestial body is both the darkest darkness and the brightest light; it is the shadow that lingers in the depths of your unconscious but when it is realized, it is the very source of renewal.

Retrograde Pluto is there to bring you closer to your power, but before you can experience the magic of this metamorphosis, you must first surrender to its energies in order to deal with the complex things deeply rooted in you because they can stifle your spiritual growth.

Here’s what retrograde Pluto has in store for you, based on your zodiac sign:



Aries: You will reinvent your professional life and your image in public.

Retrograde Pluto is there to help you hit rock bottom, in terms of your soul’s purpose and destiny in the world.

Your ambitions will undergo a metamorphosis, but to reap the rewards, you will first have to abandon certain traditions and beliefs that no longer serve you.




Taurus: You will transform your personal philosophy.

You have the right to change your mind. Everything from your values ​​to your convictions is in the midst of a deep makeover, and retrograde Pluto will challenge you to see the big picture.

The themes revolving around your hopes and your visions of the world will undergo a Plutonian metamorphosis.




Gemini: You will break your deep fear of commitment.

You have nothing to fear.

Retrograde Pluto simply wants you to reassess your close relationships – personal and financial – in order to strike a healthy balance between what you give and what you receive, and vice versa.




Cancer: You face your relationships.

You reap what you sow. You are well aware, and retrograde Pluto wants you to confront the power dynamics within your individual partnerships.

Are you being manipulated emotionally or vice versa?




Leo: You will transform and reorganize your daily life.

Pluto retrograde will ask you to closely analyze your health, your mindfulness, and your sphere of daily life, in order to help you make the most of your energy.

There’s no time to lose.




Virgo: You will find your true happiness more naturally.

Virgo, Pluto retrograde is there to help you break certain previously acquired structures and mentalities, which prevented you from enjoying your life and living it to the fullest.




Libra: You will remove a thorn from the foot.

Home is where your heart should be most invested. And despite your deep fear of confrontation, Pluto retrograde asks you to get to work to improve your life in general.

Everything from the relationships you have with your loved ones to your emotional health and professional life is about to evolve.




Scorpio: Your state of mind and your communication style will change.

If you can’t find the right words, fortunately for you, retrograde Pluto will challenge you to express yourself in a more authentic way, whether or not you feel comfortable doing so.

The way you communicate says a lot about yourself, especially if you are an entrepreneur or like to take things in hand.




Sagittarius: Your values ​​will undergo a metamorphosis.

What is your definition of wealth? Retrograde Pluto will not only analyze your finances, but it will also challenge you to reconsider your ability to make money.

This will also be the time to tap into the richness of your soul, to improve your relationships with your loved ones.




Capricorn: You will be reborn in every way, literally.

If your life was a book, what would it be called? Who are you and what do you want to leave behind?

Retrograde Pluto is there to help you destroy the toxic beliefs that hinder your well-being and personal success. Everything from your looks to your long-term goals is about to change.




Aquarius: You will transform your relationship with spirits.

Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Retrograde Pluto will not only test your faith, but it will also bring you closer to spirits.

Whether or not you have a relationship with the divine, this retrograde cycle will help you free yourself from your fears and unconscious habits that stifle your development and your fulfillment.




Pisces: You will make amends with your soul tribe.

Do the people in your life align with your hopes, wishes, and dreams?

Retrograde Pluto wants you to step back and see if your loved ones bring out the best in you and inspire you or help you achieve your most important goals.




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