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How Saturn Retrograde 2020 Will Affect You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Saturn retrograde 2020 officially started on May 10 and lasts until September 29, so we will have plenty of time to dig through our records regarding our sense of duty, relationship to authority, and how to relate to our work.

Saturn in astrology is about being responsible, working with restrictions, and teaching you lessons. Being the dominant planet of time and karma, when Saturn retrogrades, karmic debts are sorted by mixing the past with the present and the future. The retrograde periods of Saturn are excellent for reviewing what we have learned in the themes ruled by Saturn such as boundaries, discipline, responsibilities, and authority.

Because it is a longer transit, we will have more time to sort through our problems, but that does not mean that it will be without its challenges. In 2020, retrograde Saturn will form two square catalysts towards intense Mars, [and] this is when we will feel the weight of responsibility and reality checks the most.

But the thing to remember here is that, as a just and wise teacher, retrograde Saturn will bring rewards on our way – especially if real efforts were made during the period when it was direct.

Discover how Saturn Retrograde 2020 will affect your zodiac sign:



Now is the time to understand when and how to say no to things at work, Aries. The presence of Saturn in your career sector has taught you a lot about the limits of networking.

You may need to adjust these limits and even need to take a break from those who don’t like you. Use good judgment: you don’t have to accept all of the career opportunities that flow into your direction.




Retrograde Saturn transforms the way you see and interact with the world, Taurus. You have evaluated what you have learned in previous years to find an ideology of life that works for you.

Now is the last chance to refine your results. Concentrate only on the beliefs that continue to serve you, and do not hesitate to cut the strings with those who have passed their expiration date.

Eliminate all old beliefs and throw away the philosophical baggage that does not help you to become the person you want to be.




With Saturn teaching you lessons in rebirth and transformation in the past two years, you have probably felt inclined to go inward to determine your personal limits, Gemini.

We hope you have enjoyed the introspective atmosphere of this year because if it is not the case, retrograde Saturn will force you to do it.

Digging will help you find deeper sources of nourishment for your soul – it’s definitely worth it! Don’t be afraid to explore beneath the surface of your desires.




Saturn has probably put you to the test recently regarding your interpersonal relationships, Cancer, and you are probably feeling frustrated with all the romantic drama.

Last year must have felt like a total burden, but the learning has been invaluable. You are at the end of this journey, and this is the last chance to think about the level of responsibility you bring to your most important relationships.

It’s time to integrate the lessons you’ve learned in love with faith that there is a romantic light at the end of the tunnel.




Your everyday life is probably completely different from what it was a few years ago, isn’t it, Leo? This is because Saturn pushed you to reorganize your long-standing habits – certainly not a fun lesson to learn, but a huge tool for your personal growth.

For you, this retrograde consists in refining the new lifestyle that you have built, in order to inject more balance into your life.

Improve your care during this retrograde period and respect your new healthy habits.




No one wants to feel restricted when it comes to how they feel pleasure, but Saturn has forced you to reassess the way you use your creative energy, Virgo. Have you lost a sense of fun and creativity lately?

If your answer is yes, then this retrograde is an incredible opportunity to bring joy back into your life by focusing on the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Start developing your sense of pleasure with the little things now, then watch it bloom once Saturn advances again.




You are entering a new phase in terms of responsibilities in your family life, Libra. Saturn has focused on the theme of building a secure nest or taking care of your family.

While Saturn is retrograde, use this time wisely to meditate on the best way to support your loved ones without forgetting your own needs.

While supporting your inner circle is good, you also learn that you respect your own limits. Take things as they come.




You have spent the last few years discovering new ways to express yourself, Scorpio, and it is now time to start building your confidence in these skills.

Your journey to Saturn has been about learning to communicate in many different forms. Whether you’ve progressed in writing, speaking, painting, or even filming, use this retrograde to pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Although you still have a lot to learn, this backspin can be a time to take a break and celebrate your growth.




Your relationship with your finances, assets, and overall value has been defined and refined in the past two years, Sag, and now is the time to start applying everything you have learned to your life experience.

Saturn has taught you very valuable lessons about money and your connection to your own self-esteem. Use this retrograde to examine your new financial situation, as well as all of the different ways in which you can earn extra money.




When you enter retrograde Saturn, you do so as an entirely new person, Capricorn, because you have learned more difficult lessons in the past few years than you can count. Saturn returns for a final dip in your sign before leaving for good at the end of the year.

You have changed and matured so much in the past two years, but don’t lose your focus just yet – there is one very valuable last lesson on the horizon, and the rewards will be sweet once 2021 arrives.

Once everything is finished, you will realize that you would not change your growth for anything.




Your spiritual limits have been tested recently, Aquarius, and you may have found yourself questioning everything you believe and feel. Now is the time to trust your intuition.

Saturn has worked its magic, bringing important messages and psychic advice on your way. Listening and paying attention will prepare you for success – especially since Saturn is preparing to seize your brand at the end of 2020 for a stay of two and a half years.




Your friendships have evolved recently and you have learned a lot about how to defend yourself and work as a group. Prepare to put these new skills into practice now Pisces.

During this retrograde, revisit your personal relationships and decide which ones are worth the work and which are on the verge of disappearing. Do not continue to spend energy on things and people that do not meet your higher goal.



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