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How the Full Moon in Aries October 2021 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

A Full Moon is one of the most exciting things that can happen in astrology. Lucky for all of us, a Full Moon takes place every 28 days, creating the most exciting and galvanizing moment in the lunar cycle.

A Full Moon can leave you with magical revelations. These revelations challenge you to absorb deeper truths and embrace the changes that accompany those truths. Everyone feels the impact of the Full Moon in their own way.

And you might be surprised at how the October 2021 Full Moon in Aries will affect your zodiac sign. The next Full Moon, which happens to be the last Full Moon before Halloween, adding a spooky element to the mix, takes place on October 20 at 10:57 a.m. ET.

This Full Moon might seem more chaotic and intense than usual, thanks to the fact that it takes place in the fire cardinal sign of Aries. This zodiac sign is passionate; the type of sign that falls in love at first sight.

However, this love goes beyond mere romance, as it extends to all other facets of life. Aries is not a sign that waits patiently before taking action, because they jump at the first opportunity to move forward.

Aries can also be a volatile sign who quickly gets angry and impulsive when reacting to that anger. This Full Moon will be opposite Mars, the planet of combat and drive, which also happens to be the ruling planet of Aries. It will raise the emotional temperature of this Full Moon and inspire deep reactions within you.

But since this Full Moon will also square off with obsessive Pluto, you may feel inspired to do something negative or harmful. Remember to be clear about your intentions. Here’s how this Full Moon will inspire you, based on your Sun and rising sign:




Aries purpleIt’s your Full Moon, Aries. Right now, you are the main character in this astrological story, and you may be approaching a pivotal moment.

This Full Moon might reveal all of the ways you have changed and continue to change, encouraging you to make choices that reflect who you are rather than who you have been.





Taurus purpleThis Full Moon can cause you to withdraw from the outside world and nurture your spiritual side. Your dreams may become more vivid as your subconscious makes itself known.

Meditative and introspective activities such as journaling, breathwork, and just letting out a good cry are just what your soul needs right now.





Gemini purpleYou can feel a change in your social circles. This Full Moon can bring you closer to some people and cause you to move away from others.

Spend time with like-minded people who inspire you and bring out the best in you. Don’t feel trapped by affiliations with communities that make you feel like you can’t be yourself.





Cancer PurpleYour career takes center stage this Full Moon. You may have opportunities to take your field to the next level, such as fighting for a promotion, taking a new job, or changing careers altogether.

It’s not about having a perfect reputation or an ideal resume, it’s about having a career that reflects the kind of success that really interests you.





Leo PurpleThis Full Moon will pull you out of stubborn perspectives and monotonous routines. This will encourage you to give opportunities that are outside your wheelhouse a chance.

You crave new experiences and you might even want to travel to a new place. Your worldview is not set in stone. Embrace your ability to see things differently.





Virgo PurpleYou may find yourself face to face with unfinished business on this Full Moon. It might be a good time to settle your debts and review the financial commitments you have made.

Energy is also a form of currency, so be sure to direct your energy towards something that has the potential for long-term growth and gratification.





Libra PurpleYour relationships are at the center of this Full Moon. You may feel a change in your relationships when repressed truths are finally revealed.

This is your opportunity to rethink how these relationships work. How can you improve the patterns that exist between you and the people you are involved with on an interpersonal level?





Scorpio PurpleYou can accept the consequences of the way you treat your time and your body. Maybe it’s time to work on creating a better daily routine, striking a healthy balance between rest and work.

Take advantage of this Full Moon to nourish and take care of yourself. Before you can be productive, you have to feel whole.





Sagittarius purpleThis Full Moon can spark feelings of romance, creativity, and artistic expression. Remember, just letting go and having fun is also a creative act.

Even if you are not an artist, there is an artist living in you that you have to interact with. Let this Full Moon bring you the creative breakthrough you have been looking for.





Capricorn PurpleYou may want to get away from the social scene and spend some time at home. This Full Moon will be centered in your personal life, encouraging you to focus on what you need to feel safe and emotionally secure.

You might want to reconnect with your family, go back to your roots, and work on building the home you’ve always dreamed of.





Aquarius PurpleThis Full Moon might make you feel like you’re balancing so many different emails, conversations, appointments, and topics.

Remember to breathe deeply, as this Full Moon activates your mental proclivities. Channel this energy to express your ideas, learn new things, and get on with your businesses.





Pisces purpleThis Full Moon could evoke some major financial revelations. You may be thinking more about how you can budget more efficiently, increase your income, or even buy some of the items you want.

Most importantly, this Full Moon is all about creating stability and ensuring that you are working on creating a safe space.




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