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How the Last 6 Months of 2020 Will Look Like for Your Zodiac Sign

Let’s face it, no sane person could have predicted what the first six months of 2020 would look like. Whenever you think about it, it can’t get more hectic, it has managed to find a way to increase our shock levels.

The world seems to be slowly taking control of all of the COVID matter that has changed the lives of all of us in one way or another.

And while it may seem like 2020 is doomed forever, a lot can change in the next six months, your life is about to change in this slow transition to freedom:




Half of your heart wants to let go of the person you love, the other half doesn’t. Looking at how long you’ve been going around in circles, you’re almost frustrated with yourself.

Your heart wants one thing and your head tells you to do something completely different. I don’t need to tell you to let this person go, you will when you are ready. But just remember what you deserve and it is not someone who guides you.





TaurusYou may be a little confused lately. You don’t know if the path you are following is the right one. It is good to be confused and uncertain. Follow this uncertainty. But don’t let the fear of failure dictate your choices to move away.

Sometimes the hard way to go is the one that takes us exactly where we need to be. The next six months of your life may not be the best, but what comes out of it is a bigger reward than you see yet.





GeminiYour life has been a bit rocky the right way for most of 2020. Career changes. Changes in relationships. Life changes that you were too afraid to do yourself now.

All of these choices were as scary as they were, are going to pay off for you. And maybe it’s not a relationship that you find as this year comes to an end, but maybe you find yourself.





CancerIf you’ve had to describe 2020 so far in your life, only a word is needed, how? How have you survived what seems like the worst year of your life so far? But I promise you it will get better.

Just because it wasn’t great doesn’t mean it won’t end up being your favorite year yet. The fall heading into winter will be the one where you will flourish the most. Hang in there.

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LeoYou are the first to flee relationships and affection of all kinds. Dating, you hate it. Relationships, you don’t want to have anything to do with them. 2020 is simply a blur of uncertainty because you wonder how you do the same thing every day without going crazy or killing someone.

But you know where most people hate rain in the fall and snow in the winter and anything dark and cold, that is when you do well. You beat your own drum. Laugh at your own jokes and love will enter your life and stay even when you try to escape from it.





VirgoYou have taken a big step in your career lately and, just as new and scary as you will continue to do a good job. While it may have taken you a while to figure it out, be proud of yourself that you never gave up on your dreams. When it comes to love, you care about someone who hasn’t met you halfway.

I know you have sacrificed a lot for this person. And by the time the new year arrives, they will either step up their game or you will decide to stop playing. Remember your worth because you bring so much to the table.





LibraI know how much you’ve been hurt lately. There is an injury deep inside that will take some time to heal. And just when you think you’ve progressed, you have taken a few steps back.

It’s okay to feel these things as heavy as you do. While love may be what you hope to heal you, what will actually heal you is not someone you sleep with at night, but rather what you choose to do in your spare time and how you bounce back from this.





ScorpioYou are someone who has always been wise beyond your years. You see things differently from everyone your age. You always have. You have always been a lone wolf beating your own drum and focusing on your goals.

But one day before the end of this year, you will cross paths with someone who shares your ideas, but who also has all the qualities you need. You always played it safe. Be prepared for the person in your life who wants to make you take chances.

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SagittariusI know you’ve been holding an old love for a while now. Hoping maybe they’ll come back. Maybe hoping they realize they love you again. Because the truth is that you never stopped loving them even if you haven’t spoken for a while.

But the truth is, you don’t deserve someone who has to leave you and hurt you. You deserve someone who looks at you and realizes that you are the best thing that has happened to them. Maybe it won’t happen before the end of the year but do not lose hope and do not lose faith that it will work for you.





CapricornYou have been lucky to find love in your life. Someone who seems rough around the edges, but you really love them with all your heart. As a couple, you will be faced with an obstacle.

Will the relationship continue or are you each going to take it to the next step? You have to ask yourself what are you ready for but more than that, can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with this person?





AquariusIn the next 6 months before the end of the year, your past will come back to haunt you. Whether it’s an ex or people you’ve had an argument with, and although you have changed, grown and matured, they are watching you and thinking about all the things you have done wrong.

Don’t let someone else’s opinion allow the past to dictate more of your present moments. Try and make it right if you can, but also remember that anyone who talks about your past is just jealous of a future they know is bright.





PiscesYou will finally abandon the past and find a love that deserves you. It will not be someone who will guide you or make you question yourself, everything you gave to someone will ultimately come back to you.

But beware when this happens, because when people begin to see you happy and doing well, they try to bring you down or every ghost will come back from your past.

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