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How the New Moon in Sagittarius December 14, Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Welcome to the last New Moon of the year! Of course, it’s 2020, so we’re not getting off so easily because the December 2020 New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse. This mighty lunation feels like a fresh start after last month’s Full Moon Eclipse, and it will quietly turn our lives upside down and restructure our future as we approach 2021.

The Eclipse occurs on December 14th, so you’ll want to know how the December 2020 New Moon Eclipse will affect your zodiac sign. New Moons in astrology are often associated with new beginnings, but Solar Eclipses are like New Moons on hyper-speed. Change can happen quickly during these times, so they demand flexibility on our part.

With the Sun and Moon aligned in the free-spirited fire sign Sagittarius, look forward to experiencing some drastic changes in your belief system, embarking on a new path of higher education or wisdom, and broadening your horizons. Cosmic energy asks us to grow, to take risks, and to push the limits of our comfort zones.

Fortunately, we have the open-minded energy of the Sagittarius 2020 season on our side, which will help us overcome the changes and stay positive in the face of all the challenges of the New Moon. We may experience a sense of confusion on how to move forward thanks to a tense square aspect forming with misty Neptune.

But, we will also feel super motivated to work and determine our next steps due to the Moon’s positive connection with the Mars energy. We can’t expect to know exactly what the future holds, but this New Moon reminds us that we must be prepared to move forward with optimism and a sense of adventure. Check your December 2020 New Moon Eclipse horoscopes to find out exactly what to expect:




The energy of this eclipse could take your dreams to new heights, Aries, or maybe completely awaken your mind to a new set of aspirations.

With the New Moon lighting up another fire sign’s territory, you’re ready to take on any twists of fate that lie before you. If you’re still waiting for the timing to line up perfectly before making your next move, don’t! Luck is on your side.





We cannot control the shake-ups caused by the eclipse, but what we can control, Taurus, are our limits. Now is a great time to be firm on your personal boundaries in relationships, work, and beyond.

Stand up straight when it comes to protecting your time and energy, and use this newfound sense of spiritual security to openly explore your vulnerable side.





Eclipses can be intense, and you are definitely feeling the tension in your love life now, Gemini. Use your top-notch communication skills to break down exactly how you are feeling with your partner to avoid any misunderstanding.

Whether you realize it or not, you learn more about the people you can trust and be open to, so pay attention to the dynamics and do your part to spread the drama.





Expect major disruption in your usual daily routine, Cancer, but try to go with the flow. It’s time for new energy to kick you out of your old ways, and whatever changes you feel under the New Moon, they inevitably would have come anyway.

No matter how intense the eclipse is, commit to restructuring your daily schedule to nurture your personal goals and aspirations, and allow more time for self-care.

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The fire of passion within you burns vividly under this lunation, Leo, so pour all that lunar intensity into creative art projects or romance, whatever allows you to let loose, express yourself and connect with your playful side.

Even though the eclipse brings up unexpected feelings to the surface, you can keep a positive attitude by letting your talents shine.





The eclipse could bring some serious upheaval to your past or your family life, so schedule some time out at home to redecorate your space and make things cozy for the winter.

Instead of wringing your thumbs in worry, Virgo, channel confusing lunar energy into a productive house-cleaning spree. You will feel safe and comfortable no matter what you are facing.





Think about things before you say them now, Libra, because you have the ability to translate things into reality. You are naturally social and diplomatic, and under this Eclipse, your words can be used like a magic wand or a weapon.

Choose to use your powers for good and connect with the people around you in an authentic, curious, and open-minded way.





This New Moon is hitting your house of money and resources, so beware of any sudden shake-ups or issues with your bank account, Scorpio.

Steer your eclipse luck in the right direction by budgeting and more closely monitoring your spending habits. Now is the time to recognize the financial mistakes of the past and start breaking out of old limiting beliefs about money.

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Cheers to a happy new beginning, Sagittarius! You could come out on the other side of this lunation with a whole new outlook on life. Harness your naturally open-minded vibe and stay flexible when it comes to resisting the changing energy of the eclipse.

Just because you’re in the spotlight doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to shapeshift, get transformed in front of a crowd, and inspire others to grow too.





This New Moon is here to remind you that it’s okay to slow down and take time to rest. It’s impossible to be productive 24/7, so don’t stick to unattainable standards of perfection, Capricorn.

Instead, clear your schedule for much-needed restorative nights to relax, catch up on sleep, and turn off your conscious mind’s chatter.





If the New Moon seems unstable and you’re not sure what next steps to take, lean on your social circle for love and support, Aquarius. Now is a great time to remind yourself that your friends are supportive, so put some more energy and attention into community building.

If there are any relationships or even business contacts in your life that have been overlooked, extend an olive branch, and be the one to reach out first.





This could be one of the most powerful lunations of the year when it comes to your work life, Pisces. However, instead of trying to take control, sit back, and stay open to the possibilities that arise all around you.

The energy changes and for each door that closes, another one will be opened for you. Don’t be afraid to steer your ship in a new direction at work if you feel like the winds of change are blowing that way.

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