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How the Super Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

The lunar climax of the Taurus season is also the first Super Moon of the year, and it’s not here to play, so things are about to get intense. The Full Moon of April 26, 2021, will bring to light our deepest secrets and vulnerabilities, helping us to face the truth and to appropriate our power.

This hard-hitting lunation is going to rock our worlds, so knowing how the April 2021 Full Moon will affect your zodiac sign is a must. April’s Full Moon is also known as the annual Pink Moon and this one takes place in the realm of the fixed water sign Scorpio.

Full Moons in Astrology tend to illuminate situations for us, but Scorpio is a sign that values privacy so right now we may not be inclined to share our emotional climaxes and heartfelt accomplishments with the outside world.

That’s completely okay, do whatever is necessary to protect your energy. We would be remiss to overlook the fact that this lunation also forms an aspect of conflicting opposition with the wild child planet Uranus, as this face-off could result in sudden realizations.

Dealing with this tension in addition to the Full Moon can be a challenge, but it could also make us think about things in a new light or help us turn a corner that we have struggled to find a way around before. Use this powerful Scorpio energy to your advantage. Discover how the April 2021 Full Moon will affect each sign of the zodiac.




This Full Moon hits you right in your feels, Aries, so it’s okay to take some time away from your responsibilities to honor your truth.

Now is a good time to dig deep and recognize some of the spiritual baggage that weighs you down, whether in the form of debt, broken promises, or toxic relationship dynamics. Free what no longer serves you.





You realize a lot about your relationships now, Taurus, so use that energy to understand the individual dynamics that you share with others.

Surface-level bonds won’t scratch your itch for connection now, so don’t be afraid, to be honest about your feelings and speak your truth. Your partnerships will be better for it.





It’s time to deep clean your home, your schedule, and your daily routine, Gemini.

If clutter has built up in your life, whether it’s in the form of piles of laundry in the bedroom or messy missed deadlines, you now have the ability to cut distractions and take a productivity leap. Use the Full Moon to energize your work ethic and help showcase your organizational skills.





Beauty is blossoming in your life now, Cancer, as is your sense of passion, so keep an open mind when it comes to romantic possibilities or other matters of the heart.

A flirty adventure might unexpectedly turn into something deeper now, or you might find that you’re struck by a sudden inspiration that helps you get over a creative block. Either way, say yes to adventure.

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This Full Moon can be especially emotional for you, Leo, and that’s because it hits one of the most sensitive houses in your chart.

You sift through your past to help yourself better prepare for the future now, which may mean coming to terms with family feuds, past griefs, or drama in your private life. Do not be afraid of the truths in your heart.





It’s time to speak your truth, Virgo, however vulnerable or intense it may sound. This Full Moon asks you to express your deepest thoughts and feelings, so now is a good time to journal your emotions or have some honest conversations with friends.

You don’t have to keep everything bottled inside, find a healthy version so you can start healing.





This Full Moon brings deep feelings to the surface, but in your case, Libra, it also helps you focus on the material world around you.

You might be coming up with some money or financial accomplishments now, so it is a good time to take charge of your budget or request the raise you’ve been waiting for. Don’t skimp when it comes to charging what you’re worth.





Welcome to the Full Moon that stops once a year in your sign, Scorpio! It is a moment of transformation for you, so embrace every truth that rushes to the surface of your heart, however intense it may be.

You feel raw, vulnerable, and emotionally charged but you also find a new sense of personal strength and power by owning your authenticity in a radical way.

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This Full Moon may seem emotionally and physically draining on you, Sagittarius but instead of refueling on caffeine, take it as a sign to spend some time alone with your thoughts.

Your subconscious is trying to tell you something, but you won’t get the message unless you calm things down. Pay attention to your dreams and hunches and don’t ignore your instincts.





What are your hopes and dreams for the collective future, Capricorn? Now is the time to focus on the visions you have, not just for yourself, but for the world.

This Full Moon also highlights your need for community and connection, which could help you step out of your box and come up with some unexpected ideas. Embrace your idealistic and unconventional side.





Your professional life takes center stage under this Full Moon, Aquarius, and you may be reaching a significant turning point in your career.

Now is a good time to give up an exhausting concert to make room for new businesses or to complete a professional project. It can also get you some unexpected attention from superiors, so be ready to steal the show and show off your talents in no time.





You have taken a deep and meaningful journey of self-discovery, Pisces, and this Full Moon will help you take charge of your spiritual growth.

Now is the time to think big, expand your horizons, and let your newfound knowledge shape your worldview. Be confident in the way you have evolved, you are an ever-changing cosmic being, so there is no reason to play small.

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